Corporate Social Responsibility

Evoke Technologies is actively involved in various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. We strongly believe that it is every corporate’s responsibility to contribute back towards the society. We have rolled out sustainable community initiatives with the aim of supporting communities and individuals from all walks of life. We have been actively working on various corporate social responsibility programs to promote progress among communities that help improve people’s lives.

We have set up a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team, which brings a fresh perspective and vigor to the various CSR programs being conducted by our organization. We have been aiding communities by volunteering and taking up several social causes to support local communities. The efforts of our CSR team resulted in empowering various communities; it is our commitment to continuously take active lead in contributing positively towards our society.

Sustainable Community Initiatives

The focus areas of Evoke Technologies corporate social responsibility programs are primarily education, health and environment. We believe that these three factors play a vital role in improving quality of life communities and individuals lead. We have organized exclusive programs to create awareness about education, health and the environment etc. Our CSR programs have in some way or the other impacted individuals from all walks of life.

We have organized several CSR programs that include ‘Donation for Education’, which helped several underprivileged children to continue their education. We have actively contributed to preserve our environment by conducting a special environmental awareness event titled ‘Eco-ride’ that helped in raising awareness among IT professionals towards protecting our environment.

Our corporate social responsibility activities had a positive impact on people belonging to the weaker sections of the society. We have a vision of creating a bright future for our children and communities, we serve. Some of our CSR activities have been listed below.

CSR Activities
  • Clothing and Stationery Donation
  • Donation for Education
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Environment Awareness
  • Plantation Drives

Our employees and CSR teams have truly made us proud by actively organizing and participating in various CSR events, which are organized at regular intervals. To know more about our CSR activities, please write to us at

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