4 Areas Where Business Process Consulting Turns Pain Points Into Possibilities

Business Process ConsultingThink for a moment about all the routine, repetitive processes that must happen to make your business work. We expect you’re able to name quite a few without much hesitation. No commercial enterprise is exempt from the unglamorous but undeniably necessary sequences of actions that take place, again and again, as part of doing business.

One of the first goals of business process consulting is to determine which of those tasks your company can profitably automate. You may not be in a position to automate all of them, or to completely automate some of them. But business process management (BPM) software solutions, deployed to any degree, can save your company time, energy and money.

The more processes you can automate, in part or in full, the more resources you’ll have to spend on the important work at the heart of your enterprise.

Areas Business Process Consulting May Identify for Automation

Qualified BPM consultants understand each company’s situation is unique. No one-size-fits-all solutions exist. But several areas do emerge, in business after business, as ripe for automation.

Here are four areas in which business process consulting methodology frequently finds room for improvement through automation:

  • Managing inventory – Are you manually counting the goods sitting on your shelves or stored in your warehouse? If so, you’re running the risk of over- or underselling. Simple human error can have negative consequences when your order fulfillment team isn’t able to supply what your customers demand. An automated inventory management process eliminates the need to worry about whether you have what you need in stock, when you need it.
  • Paying invoices –  Physically delivering a single paper invoice to the people who handle your company’s books and requesting it be paid isn’t much work. But multiply that work by the number of invoices your company receives, and you’ll realize how much time can be lost—as well as how easily mistakes can creep into the process. Paper bills get misplaced. Verbal instructions get misheard or forgotten. In contrast, an automated accounts payable workflow, which handles invoices electronically from receipt to payment, ensures your vendors receive accurate and timely payment, saving you time, money—and aggravation!
  • Handling contracts – Executing contracts long-distance used to mean waiting on signed documents to travel back and forth through the postal service, or relying on blurry faxes and photocopies. In too many businesses, handling contracts still depends on such outdated means. With BPM software solutions, parties to a contract receive, sign and send contracts digitally, and companies store the finished agreements electronically. No more need to rifle through filing cabinets full of manila folders—the terms of the promises on which your business rests are clearly recorded, securely stored and always only a few clicks away.
  • Onboarding new employees – Automation can really help put the “human” back in Human Relations! When you automate such routine tasks associated with new hires as collecting their identification and payroll information, provisioning new computers and adding them to the office network, installing their necessary applications and establishing their email and other essential accounts, your HR team has more time to focus on integrating the new arrivals into the workplace.

Through business process consulting, you will likely identify additional areas in which your enterprise could benefit from automated workflows. BPM software can frequently not only handle but also enhance scheduling requests, supply requisitions, expenditure and reimbursement management, even initial stages of customer service. Any discrete, repeatable, time- and energy-consuming sequence of actions that demands total accuracy and has enterprise-wide implications is a prime candidate for BPM automation.

Evoke’s Approach to Business Process Consulting

At Evoke Technologies, we bring more than a decade’s experience as an IT leader to our business process management partnerships.

Our dedicated, highly trained and seasoned teams of software engineers begin by taking the time to learn your business until they know it as well as you do. Armed with this understanding, they work with you to design solutions that address your most pressing process concerns, using the latest technological capabilities. They deploy these solutions with a minimum of downtime, and offer you maximum support once the BPM software is up and running through 24/7 availability for questions and support.

Call Evoke Technologies today at (937) 202-416, or contact us online. Let us show you how our business process consulting expertise can turn your process pain points into possibilities for streamlined operations, a more efficient workforce and a healthier bottom line.


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