Digital Solution for Insurance Claims Management

One out of every five customers switches insurers owing to dissatisfaction with claims processing. Hence, it is important for insurers to continuously improve claims process with innovative and proactive features.

However, most insurance companies are found spending a fair amount of time in the field and even more so behind a desk – prioritizing, documenting and closing claims. It’s time to steer away from paper-based Field Service Management (FSM) and shift to a mobile workforce system that boosts efficiency and also reduces time. Fortunately, modern claims platforms and digital technologies provide an excellent opportunity to address these challenges.

With a simple mobile application, insurance companies can minimize the turnaround period to receive an estimate to a great extent. The field agents can login using their tablet or mobile device and submit photos to show the damages and capture real-time details of the loss.

This mobile option will also help in cutting down the time adjusters spend on processing a claim and deliver an estimate to the customers within hours. Such intuitive and user-friendly digital solutions can be leveraged throughout the claims settlement process in order to streamline and accelerate claims processing. Moreover, an integrated digital workflow system helps insurers in faster resolution – approval or rejection – of claims based on submitted information. Digitization enables agencies to keep customers informed about the claims status at every stage through e-mail or SMS alerts or app notifications.

Typical Capabilities of a Mobile Claim Processing Solution

Offline data access: Mobile form of field agent to work even without internet connection

Real-time Data Integration: Integrates various APIs & audit check systems in real-time with the apps that need it

Search: Users can search for claims-related information including claimant, damage, and field agent assigned for easy retrieval of claim files

Photos: Field agents can take pictures using the built-in camera and estimate lost or damaged items and attach it to the report

Reports: Generates detailed claims reports based on pictures of damage & description for approver to take action

Assessment: Inspector can schedule inspection(s), mark coverage, and send a message to the claimant

Although human interaction will forever hold its importance in a claim that includes extensive damage, the adoption of a mobile claim processing solution will allow agents/adjuster firms to attend to other areas or customers that might be in need. To reduce development time and get the app out onto the market faster, insurance companies can look to partner with digital solutions expert to begin the integration of an Insurance Claims Application. Once enabled with a customized application integrated into their field services, insurers will be able to enjoy the benefits of enhanced efficiency, reduced operational costs, and the ability to offer seamless services to a wide-ranging spectrum of customers.

Benefits of Adopting a Mobile Claim Solution:

  • Significant improvement in the effectiveness, quality and turnaround time of claim verification
  • Integated document management
  • Real-time communication
  • Digitization of data – lesser/ no paperwork
  • Improved adjuster workload management
  • More concrete visit proofs

Evoke Technologies provided similar digital solution for insurance claims management to a leading home, flood, and business insurance company. Our solution helped the client digitize the claims adjustment process with the least amount of manual intervention. The mobile app works even without any internet connection and enables the insurance vendor company to find and schedule an inspection for their assigned claims. With the media option, the app helps field agents to take and upload images and generate claims reports based on damage descriptions. The mobile application is available on iPhone and Android.

Our client has benefitted from Claims Transformation Services, with the following business outcomes:

  • Automated claims workflow increased efficiency & reduced manual effort by 40%
  • Facilitated seamless transfer of information between underwriting & claim administration
  • Improved document management & reduced associated operating costs

To learn more about the claims solutions offered by Evoke Technologies, please downloadthis file.

Summing Up

We believe, the key for insurers to succeed in this intensely competitive market is to focus on improving operating efficiency in order to meet customers’ evolving demands in the most cost-effective way. The use of mobile solutions in the insurance industry is likely to expand further. The insurance companies who look forward to gaining a competitive edge are already developing and implementing digital claims solutions. As without mobile solutions, insurers will undeniably be confronted to differentiate themselves, maintain, and grow their market position.

Evoke Technologies Claims Processing Solutions:

Evoke Technologies has enabled leading insurance companies to traverse through their claims transformation journey, using modern solutions. We begin such projects by conducting due diligence of the insurer’s existing claims processes, designing a digital solution, and its effective realization through a suite of technology & product capabilities. Evoke Technologies enables insurers to solve business challenges such as Speed-to-Market, Underwriting Profitability, Operational Efficiency, and Claims Optimization. Our Digital IT services for the insurance industry helps enterprises achieve profitable underwriting while provisioning superior customer experiences.

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