Through Digital-Colored Glasses: Mobile Solutions for Augmented Reality

Mobile SolutionsWhen Pokémon GO was released back in July, Niantic Labs saw a minimum of 15 million downloads within the first week, stretching to 100 million within a month. For those businesses delving into mobile solutions, this number of downloads can be viewed as a simultaneous boon and burden. But beyond the brand name, what does this mobile solution offer that others in its category don’t?

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality applications use a smartphone’s built-in camera for a local visual, while incorporating elements of 3D digital layer projection on the screen. Simply put, mobile solutions like these turn a standard reality into a heightened experience that’s both enjoyable and artistic. For gaming purposes, it allows the user’s surroundings to be incorporated into an alternate, almost cartoonish universe, which has drastically improved in quality and usability over the past four years.

How Is It Useful?

Mobile solutions like augmented reality may seem like a gimmick, but variations of this type of technology have been used in multiple applications prior to its 2016 increase. A virtual tour of a building or setting that can be adapted to your own preferences or online websites that allow for personal appearance updates, are a form of reality that’s been augmented for potential changes. And because of its growth in multiple sectors, it’s becoming a viable solution for mobility services.

Examples of Uses

As far as mobile solutions go for the travel industries and city planning sectors, augmented reality takes a big step into encouraging traveling and the use of GPS systems. Just like with Pokémon GO, these types of apps can pick up geographical locations and display interesting information on each area. It’s also a great way to add invisible layers on the camera, like with home renovation planning or styling the self (with haircuts, glasses, accessories, etc.)

Downsides of AR

Considering how far augmented reality has come, there are very few downsides to its use. However, it’s important to note that the use of cameras in AR can often lead to heavier processing, which can affect the battery cycle more than most apps. It can also lead to overheating if done for extended lengths of time. It’s recommended for users to take frequent breaks, and to bring a battery pack if engaged in outings. But outside of that, augmented reality is set to shape the mobile solution industry for years to come.

Benefits to Business

Whether you’re a design related business, a brick and mortar store, industrial maintenance, or an educational institution, you can utilize augmented reality to provide a personal connection and informal interaction with your company’s style, brand and atmosphere as well as increase your user’s knowledge and understanding of the subject. Consider using augmented reality to develop comprehensive training videos for complex employee processes, eliminating wasted hourly training pay. The possibilities span all industries, completely reimagining the customer experience and business efficiency.

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