Benefits of Outsourcing SharePoint Development

Before we begin discussing outsourcing SharePoint development, it is noteworthy to learn that SharePoint is currently deployed by one out of every two Fortune 500 enterprises globally. SharePoint is a web application platform in the Microsoft Office server suite that helps enterprises to work in a collaborative environment. SharePoint’s powerful tool-kit allows enterprises to efficiently share files, documents and information without worrying about security. Currently, SharePoint has a user base of over 125 million and is touted as one of the most sought after products of Microsoft, generating revenues up to the tune of $2 billion.

outsourcing sharepoint developmentSo why is SharePoint so popular among top business enterprises? In today’s era of global expansions and acquisitions, an organization’s employee base is spread across geographies and it can be a huge challenge for their teams to collaborate in real-time. However, with the emergence of web platforms such as SharePoint it has become relatively easy to communicate, collaborate, share and manage files in new ways. SharePoint acts as a centralized platform for collaboration and communication, while effectively maintaining control of the data that is being shared.

While choosing a web platform, collaboration still remains as the key factor for many enterprises, identifying and hiring the right implementation/deployment partner for outsourcing SharePoint development is an equally important and can have a tangible impact. Deploying a SharePoint solution can be a challenge for most enterprises as it requires strong expertise and experience.

According to a recent AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) nearly two-thirds of SharePoint installations are somewhat stalled in their adoption and progress. The primary reason cited was a general lack of planning and technical expertise. Hence it becomes increasingly important for an enterprise to find the right partner for outsourcing SharePoint development. Some experts argue in support of outsourcing the SharePoint development work as enterprises gain to leverage from the specialized technical expertise and availability of dedicated resources, which is crucial for SharePoint deployment.

Benefits of Outsourcing SharePoint Development

Some of the top benefits of outsourcing the SharePoint development work includes:

  •  Availability of skilled resources for effective optimization
  •  Time bound software development process
  •  Rich expertise and specialized knowledge
  •  Drastically reduce the cost of SharePoint deployment
  •  Helps organization focus exclusively on their core and critical tasks

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