Best BPM Solution

How to Identify and Evaluate the Best BPM Solutions? 7 Tips from the Pros

Automate, analyze and monitor your workflow BPM (Business Process Management) assists in achieving the right objectives, yields organizational efficiency and improves quality. BPM realigns processes to benefit the organization by connecting systems, processes, people and data, which accelerates work, decreases costs and helps achieve desired goals. Further, it eliminates complex...

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Simple Techniques to Tune Bonitasoft Application Performance

Application performance is an important parameter that determines the success or failure of any software application / product. This post highlights few simple techniques to tune application performance of Bonitasoft BPM, which would be helpful to the  Bonitasoft community. It also provides guidance on resolving issues that arise, while implementing Bonitasoft BPM...

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Exporting Bonitasoft BPM Reports to Microsoft Excel

This article is based on Bonitasoft BPM 6.2.1 and is compatible with 6.3.1 Introduction In any software process, reports are always required to show information and recount any specific events during the process execution. The reporting feature in Bonitasoft BPM is remarkable and adequate enough to export impressive reports. Here’s a comprehensive guide to create reports using the Bonita BPM Studio and...

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