Modernized Rig Operating System with incident management capabilities

Helped the client proactively mitigate incidents at remote rig locations

Implemented one-click deployments at 50+ rig locations


Headquartered in Houston, the client is a leading offshore drilling services provider with decades of experience and knowledge in the oil and gas business. The client wanted to modernize their rig operating system as they had limitations with the remote rig locations and limited Internet connectivity.


The client encountered major business challenges from their remotely located rigs, poor Internet connectivity, inconsistent data transfer, and ineffective code deployments. The client had difficulties with Incident Reporting, Corrective Action Tracking, Inspections, and other core functionalities.

Due to the lack of a centralized platform and application, there was no synchronization of data from the rig locations with the central server at the headquarters. All these business pain points made the rig operating process a big challenge that the client needed to overcome.


Evoke Technologies implemented an out-of-the-box Pega Case Management solution to develop an effective and comprehensive Rig Operating System to help prevent possible incidents.

  • Built a robust rig operating application to handle and report an incident with integrated CAPA plans (Corrective & Preventive Actions). The revamped system supports to implement various functionalities such as:
    • EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) platform for Incident Reporting, Investigation, Corrective Action Tracking (CAPA), Management of Change, and Audits/Inspections.
    • PoB (Person Onboarding) to manage the offshore workforce.
    • SSOW (Safe Systems Of Work) to provide safe, consistent, and efficient management of worksite.
    • Drills Management to efficiently prepare for and manage emergency responses on their rigs.
    • DoR (Daily Operational Reports) to record offshore daily operating activities.
    • BBS (Behavior Based Safety) to help prevent incidents and build an interdependent safety culture.
  • Developed a synchronization application to run daily back-end jobs, migrate and synchronize all the data from the rig locations with the central server.
  • Automated the entire deployment process to increase release cycles with Jenkins DevOps capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Helped the client automate the rig operating process to mitigate and stop incidents proactively at their remotely located rigs.
  • Enabled the client to capture day-to-day incidents data at 50+ rig locations and migrate the data efficiently to their centralized server.


Pega v8.1.4, Tomcat 8.5, MS SQL 2016, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Jenkins



Industry: Oil & Gas

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