Built one primary fulfillment system to provide a unified experience to employees

Reduced technology costs supporting the fulfillment

Helped provide end-to-end integration of systems for an easy data access


Our client is a leading corporate services provider to Fortune 500 companies and more than 3,000 financial enterprises. The client offers entity formation, statutory compliance, legal matter management, and online brand protection services. The client built multiple fulfillment systems for order entries, fulfillment, and business licensing. The applications’ disparate nature made the client look for technology intervention to automate process flows for improved efficiency, faster time to market, and cost optimization.


The client offers 200+ reliable services to global businesses. To carry out the fulfillment services, the client developed 46+ business applications. Due to the complex systems architecture and cross-function dependencies, the client faced business-critical challenges and incurred high costs to maintain legacy applications.

Inefficient fulfillment systems: The employees lacked a single version of the truth of customer interactions or service requests. Since the data was handled in an ad-hoc manner in excel and spreadsheets, customer service representatives (CSRs) had to go through 46+ systems to gather and capture data.

Service Delays: Applications were built to automate only a few manual steps. The inconsistencies of using automated and manual tasks caused service delays and inconveniences.

Time-consuming CSR training: As the client had independent applications, the training of CSRs was taking up to 6 months to help them understand the process before they could start working on license lifecycles.


Our expertise in implementing Pega automation capabilities has helped the client process order fulfillments accurately and efficiently to provide high-quality service offerings to their customers. Our solution has enabled the team to eliminate time spent navigating various systems, reduce cross-functional dependencies and deliver faster outcomes.

  • Designed the application using Pega’s Layer Cake Architecture and utilizing out-of-the-box Pega capabilities to implement Pega Case Management with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA).
  • Automated the entire order management lifecycle that includes Order Entry, Order Fulfillment, and Business Licenses using Pega Infinity Platform, RPA, and RDA bots.
  • Used Pega’s Integration capabilities to unify various other systems such as Salesforce Document Repositories, Billing systems, etc.,

Business Benefits

Our team’s expertise in Pegasystems implementation and business knowledge helped us deliver a next-generation business license application that has helped the client overcome service delays, data duplication, cost optimization, and inconsistent CSR experiences.

  • Built one primary fulfillment system to provide a unified experience to employees and achieve high turnaround time.
  • Reduced technology costs supporting fulfillment.
  • Seamless automation helped improve time to market.
  • Helped provide end-to-end integration of systems to access data quickly.


Pega 8.x, Pega Robotics, Pega BIX, Salesforce Mashup, Oracle 19c, WebLogic 12.x, and VersionOne

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