Provided data integration, aggregation, and visualization

Helped make strategic marketing decisions driven by accurate data

Made a near real-time data reporting with an integrated dashboard


Our client is a globally renowned market leader in equipment manufacturing. The client’s globally distributed market presence stands testimony to their manufacturing excellence, superior customer experience, and rapidly growing business leadership. The client’s vast business operations have given them an extensive line of customer, marketing, and industry data sources and vast amounts of information from dealers, marketing platforms, and customer journeys. The client’s marketing team had a tough challenge in providing their chief of marketing officer with near real-time access to the customer data and reports to help them make well-informed decisions to propel their business. The client wanted Evoke Technologies to address their data warehousing challenge with a cost-effective solution.


The client’s business is spread over 12+ countries, and they need to source data from various vendors, dealers, and third-party companies to design and run effective marketing strategies. Their marketing team ran brand-product-specific advertising campaigns across their social media platforms to get customer lead generation data. As there was no integration between the client’s back-end systems and applications, the marketing team struggled to aggregate data from multiple sources such as existing business applications, advertising platforms, dealers, and customer networks. They found it challenging to generate consolidated reports to assess which communication and channels effectively performed and analyze data based on regions and dealer-network. Due to the lack of data integration, aggregation, and visualization, the marketing team could not have a 360o view of the data available on their data warehouse.


We provided technology recommendations to our client based on our expertise in Cloud-managed services, Data Warehousing capabilities, and Analytics. Our solution framework helped us provide an integrated approach to overcome the data ingestion, aggregation, modeling, segmentation, and visualization limitations of the client’s business.

  • Introduced Azure Functions and Informatica data pipelines on a common Power Platform to ingest marketing data
  • Provided Synapse Analytics layer over the Power Platform for quick data modeling and segmentation
  • Facilitated Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) to build formulas to address complex analysis and calculations
  • Provisioned unified role-based access to avoid misinterpretation of data
  • Provided a multi-layered data visualization with Power BI dashboards
  • Created a web application to reduce the number of licenses by plugging it in Power BI report via Power Apps


Our comprehensive data warehousing implementation framework enabled the marketing team to view and track lead generation and marketing data more efficiently to strategize and execute future promotional campaigns. In addition, we proposed a cloud migration solution that would help the IT team transition to Informatica Data Warehouse easily and reduce application and data management costs drastically.

  • Helped the marketing team execute campaigns more efficiently with easy access to insights driven by the live data migrated from multiple systems
  • Made a near real-time data reporting and visualization possible with an integrated dashboard


Power BI, Power App, Azure Functions, Informatica, Azure SQL, Azure Synapse Analytics


CUSTOMER: Equipment Manufacturer


Industry: Manufacturing

Employees: 11000+

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