Our client is a US-based provider of hospitality services and manages an assortment ranging from the budget to the best of luxury hotels.


  • Manual Reservation Reconciliation (Open-Close) process is error prone and takes long to complete.
  • Cash flow issues, such as Invoicing is not done as per schedule.
  • Credibility issues, as third-parties’ commissions are not paid on time.
  • Manual Customer Loyalty Rewards Reconciliation process is lengthy & not done on a definitive schedule.
  • Business depends on IT for all master data updates.
  • Manual build and release process.


  • Developed a .NET Core solution with intuitive User Interfaces to fully automate Reservation Reconciliation process and Customer Loyalty Rewards process.
  • Designed and implemented new intuitive User Interfaces so that business can directly update master data.
  • Streamlined Reservation Reconcile & Customer Loyalty Rewards Reconciliation process so that they are performed on schedule.
  • Developed a CI/CD pipeline for all environments to streamline Build & Release process.



  • Microsoft Azure

Front End

  • Angular 4.0
  • HTML5
  • CSS 3

Back End

  • C#
  • .Net Core 2.2


  • Web API


  • Microsoft SQL server 2014


  • Reduced Reservation Reconciliation to invoicing cycle time.
  • Improved cash flow as invoicing is done as per schedule and everyone gets paid on time.
  • Quick and hassle-free promotion of code & database changes to all environments.
  • Business can update Master Data without IT intervention.
  • Integrated with Property Management Systems (PMS) for data integrity.
  • No direct updates on database hence less prone to accidental data corruption.

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