Built integrated dashboards & interface with configurable widgets

Designed cloud migration strategy by using microservices architecture

Helped facilitate easy access for employees and customers


Our client provides cutting-edge payroll services and human capital management to their diverse range of customers. The client business model has helped their customers focus more on business innovations and acceleration by providing exceptional services spanning HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Time Management. To take their business to the next level of progression, the client had to overcome the challenge of providing a unified user experience to their users.


The client had two distinct web platforms to provide payroll, HR, and time clock services to their diverse range of customers. As the web applications were built on old UI frameworks and tools, there was no unified interface and centralized dashboarding tools for reporting. The employees were facing navigation difficulties in finding and using the services needed as per their profiles, and they had to log in for each of their products and services subscriptions separately.

The client faced complex customer onboarding workflows due to poor user experience and legacy & monolithic systems. Since there was no integration of applications, employees and customers had to enter data multiple times, which led to data redundancies.


To help our client capitalize on the robust technologies, our team performed a thorough analysis of the web applications’ functionality and prepared UX strategies for design, development, and implementation. Our innovative approach gave us the momentum to deliver a first-of-its-kind unified interface, create interactive dashboards, and develop APIs. We deployed customizable widgets within the tailor-made dashboards to give incredible user experience.

Key Solutions Offered

  • Integration of layers helped facilitate easy access for both the employees and customers
  • Designed cloud strategy and enabled business transformation from monolithic to distributed cloud ecosystem using microservices architecture
  • Enabled scalable API-based integrations for customer’s products and solutions
  • Implemented data analytics, secure access, auditing, alerts, and notifications
  • Provided cost-effective cloud infrastructure and data migration
  • Automated testing and deployments for quick release of changes and modifications

Business Outcomes

We focus on delivering excellence that helps drive business enablement. Customizable widget-based dashboards improved user acceptance by 90%, and the flexible use of the integrated dashboards helped the client reduce their customer onboarding time by 50%. We have helped our client acquire new customers with the transformed interface and dashboard integrations. As a result, the client has a unified system with enhanced application security.

The new IT infrastructure enables faster incident management, including instant troubleshooting and swift notifications. The log system provisioning has made auditing easy while seamlessly enhancing the vendor-customer collaboration with integrated APIs. Finally, the client has witnessed a steady customer acquisition and a rise in business growth with improved ROI.


Angular, Pendo, .Net Core, SQL Server, Auth0, Ocelot, Azure –PaaS/ IaaS (Kubernetes, API Management, Functions, Logic App, Service Bus, Stream Analytics, Power BI, Data Factory, App Insights, Azure DevOps, and others)


CUSTOMER: Payroll Services Provider

HEADQUARTERS: Pennsylvania

Industry: Financial Services

Employees: 1000+

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