Accurate root cause analysis improved System Stability by 99%

Better capacity planning for the infra and applications scalability

Proactive alerting of the operations teams for remediation


Site Reliability Engineering services at Evoke are developed on the custom principles and practices applied to an enterprise’s infrastructure and operations. The objective of Evoke’s SRE service is to provide highly reliable and scalable systems that enable maximum system stability.

Our client, America’s leading corporate services provider, offers entity formation, statutory compliance, legal matter management, and online brand protection services to Fortune 500 companies. Over 3,000 financial enterprises continue to get benefitted from their services. Headquartered in the United States, the client has a great business presence in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions.


Our client provides over 200 services to their customers globally and requires a consistent flow of services on a 24 x 7 basis. The client was facing major challenges to meet the evolving market demands and ensure the availability and reliability of systems and applications.

  1. Limitations of Monitoring Tools: The existing monitoring tools coverage was limited to the local networks, applications, and local infrastructure. As a result, the client could not monitor their external faced application URLs for alerts, notifications, and warnings. It became the primary reason for outages and service disruptions for their end customers.
  2. Server & Applications Issues: Recurring issues like socket errors and memory leaks compromised infrastructure and applications performances. The lack of proactive measures and various other factors resulted in business loss.
  3. Interdependencies: Interdependent systems, APIs, and other integrations became a major bottleneck for the free flow of data. The lack of traceability made It nearly impossible for proactive maintenance and support. Additional workforce and costs were incurred to maintain and monitor the rapid issues generated from the interdependent systems.


Consistent and reliable support was provided for the hybrid infrastructure and applications. Evoke’s Site Reliability engineers collaborated with the client teams to help implement monitoring tools, log analyzers, design processes, and best practices. Our team was responsible for proactively identifying and resolving issues and problems to ensure smooth operation across systems and applications. Evoke Technologies continues to play a significant role in migrating to the latest tools that help in-depth root cause analysis, better visibility for faster resolutions, and effective capacity planning.

  1. Network Monitoring: Utilized SolarWinds network monitoring tool for quick outage detection, diagnosis, and resolution to ensure that there was no downtime.
  2. Server & Application Monitoring: Used HP BSM tool to configure and capture application functionality failures, track the errors, and correct application performance.
  3. Root Cause Analysis: Utilized Splunk log analyzer tool to gather the metric spikes for precise error analysis and use the data to troubleshoot for faster resolution.
  4. Alerting: Helped the client with Alertra monitoring for additional visibility of alerts and resolved outages quickly from external customer URLs.
  5. Migration to ELK: Supporting the migration journey from SolarWinds and HP BSM to ELK to provide better root cause analysis based on Machine Learning and Anomaly Detection models in Elasticsearch.
  6. Effective Reporting: Facilitated the availability/performance reports using HP BSM and Grafana Dashboards for better capacity planning & scalability.

Business Benefits

Standardized and process-oriented support, maintenance, monitoring, and alerting system enabled optimized operations and helped derive tangible and intangible business results.

  1. Improved system stability over 99%: Better insights into the applications and infrastructure availability using advanced monitoring tools improved the system’s stability and reduced the frequency of failures
  2. Better capacity planning & scalability: Proactive data analysis reports helped manage capacity planning. It enabled the client to scale up their applications as per the user load and performance.
  3. Quick & accurate root cause analysis: ELK tool migration is cost-effective and provides better visualization and application insights. It is further aligned to the client’s technology roadmap on AWS.


SolarWinds, HP BSM, ELK/Splunk, Prometheus – Grafana Dashboards

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