Remote working made hassle-free for employees

Optimized the costs of infrastructure and applications maintenance

Leveraged enterprise-grade security to safeguard data


Headquartered in Texas, our client provides an extensive range of mortgage services. Our client believes in technology and innovation, so the mortgage lender continues to invest in the new advancements from time to time to serve their customers and employees better. As its mortgage business kept on evolving, its remote workforce started growing in great numbers. The increase in human resources only meant that the costs of provisioning desktops and laptops, maintaining additional infrastructure applications and ensuring the security of information would go up massively. To optimize the costs and facilitate secure remote work for employees, the client relied on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).


The client has witnessed steady business growth in terms of revenue, customer acquisition and remote workforce. It has posed the challenge of finding the right technology integration that would help optimize the costs of IT infrastructure maintenance and provisioning desktops to their remotely operating employees without compromising on security and compliance.

  • Enable work from home with enterprise-grade security, compliance, and performance
  • Reduce the cost of provisioning desktops & laptops. Ease the complexities of maintaining infrastructure and applications
  • Mitigate difficulties in scaling up additional computing to support the growing workforce
  • Manage user profiles security
  • Prevent the loss of leads in the event of technical issues


Evoke has helped the Mortgage Lender with their expertise in cloud-based solutions. An in-depth analysis of IT infrastructure, applications and a wide variety of user-profiles has given our team of experts to design, develop and deploy a comprehensive solution that has solved the major constraints of the client’s business challenges.

  • Provisioned AWS Workspace images, a combination of an operating system, and storage, compute, and software resources, for all the business units & departments
  • Configured user profiles based on their roles and responsibilities
  • Administered multi-factored authentication and layered security validation to meet compliance and reduce threats
  • Provided auto scale-up option to facilitate inclusion of more agents, contractors, and employees
  • Scheduled regular data backups to prevent the loss of possible leads
  • Leveraged ITSM tool for package management and deployment


Evoke has made sure that the client can measure the metrics of cost optimization, productivity, and operational efficiency.

  • Enabled WFH with easy access to data and applications from anywhere for all the users, employees, and contractors
  • Reduced the costs of provisioning desktops and laptops with the BYOD (bring-your-own-device) strategy
  • Achieved cost optimization with centralized infrastructure and application management
  • Compliance and data security enhanced with AWS platform


AWS VPC, Directory Services, Workspaces, FSx and AWS Site to Site tunnel, WAM, CloudWatch, FSLogix, ITarian, TrendMicro Deep Security





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