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Java is a preferred language for web and mobile application development across the world, as it is a highly versatile programming language and supports multiple platforms. As per CIO Insight, “Nearly 9 of every 10 computers in the U.S. run Java, and 97% of enterprise desktops run the language.” Owing to its amazing flexibility, enterprises acknowledge Java as a powerful language for software development. Although several interesting programming languages have emerged in the last few years, Java has still managed to retain its dominance. The importance of quality Java consulting services is the achievement of dominance for your business.

java consulting servicesIt is surprising to know that Java managed to capture the top spot in the Tiobe index last year, which is a great achievement, considering that it is almost 20 year old programming language. Currently, Java is not only leading the Tiobe index with a share of 21.145%, but also tops the list of programming languages in the Popularity of Programming Language (PYPL) index with a 24.2% share. The increase in demand for Java programming in the last few years has led to the revival of Java. Further, with the recent announcement of Oracle that it is planning to release Java 9 this year, affirms its growing popularity.

Although, Java has been in existence for the last two decades, it still manages to be a hot favorite of developers across the globe. Be it games, embedded systems, robotics or smart cards, Java applications are used across domains. Java is also making its presence felt in the Big Data domain, as part of Apache Hadoop. Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework written in Java for storing data and enabling distributed processing of large data sets. Java holds a promising future for data analysis, the demand for Hadoop developers is growing day-by-day. As a result, the Java ecosystem is continuing to grow and evolve. Furthermore, due to Java’s stability and platform independence, it is also finding huge opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Due to the high-demand for Java programming specialists, many enterprises are looking for specialized IT companies that offer Java consulting services. If you are considering partnering with a Java consulting services firm, go with a firm that has extensive experience in Java application development coupled with proven project management expertise.

Consider Evoke as your one-stop Java consulting partner

Evoke has more than a decade’s experience in offering high-end Java consulting services. We have been helping global clients in streamlining their business processes by developing top-notch web, mobile and enterprise applications. Further, we have a deep-seated expertise in developing next-generation software applications that can operational productivity and enhance overall business performance.

Why Evoke?

Evoke has implemented highly secure, robust and scalable enterprise solutions built using Java technologies. We follow an innovative approach and use proven design frameworks, while developing and implementing Java-based software solutions for business enterprises. Besides gaining high returns on technology investments, enterprises can expect the following add-ons by employing Evoke‘s Java consulting services:

Platform Independent Applications– Deep-domain experience in developing platform independent applications that can run on all major platforms and operating systems

Stable Applications–Proven expertise in creating highly stable Java-based applications.

Highly Secure– The software applications built by Evoke can be implemented on any network without worrying about the security factor. Evoke takes care of customer’s security requirements with the utmost priority.

High On Performance– Our software applications are highly robust in performance.

It’s time to gain the most out of your technology investments by making Evoke your preferred Java consulting partner. To know more about our Java consulting services, call Evoke Technologies on +1 (937) 660-4925 or drop us an email at

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