Why Your Business Needs Mobility Solutions Today

Does your business connect with current and potential customers through a mobile app?

If not—why not? You’re missing out on one of the best internet marketing opportunities currently available!

mobility solutionsNot every company is fortunate enough to have dedicated mobile technology experts on staff. But that limitation doesn’t have to keep your business from becoming a player in today’s mobile marketplace. The right consultants understand the latest trends in mobile technology, and can ensure that your business has mobility solutions in place to reap benefits from them.

Surveying Your Mobile Marketing Opportunity

The mobile technology revolution continues to accelerate worldwide. Businesses’ need to embrace mobility solutions has simply never been greater.

In 2009, consumers downloaded a respectable 2500 million mobile apps. But this year, they’ve already downloaded more than 100 million – from Apple’s App store alone! In 2017, they’re expected to download nearly 268,700 billion apps. That’s a staggering forecast, and it speaks volumes about the exponential growth of on-the-go computing.

Experts say that, in 2017, the mobile app industry will be worth $77 billion. While many apps are free to download, consumers have shown they are willing to pay for apps—anywhere from 99 cents or a few dollars to, in some cases, as much as $20—provided the apps keep them informed, entertained, or otherwise simplify their lives.

They are even more willing to spend money within mobile apps. One recent survey found that mobile app users spend 24% more within the apps they buy than they spent to get the apps in the first place.

Evoke Technologies: Enterprise Partners Delivering Real Mobility Solutions

At Evoke Technologies, we have the experience and technical know-how to create powerful business enterprise mobility solutions.

  • We are platform agnostic, and have built apps for iOS and Android devices
  • We use Java and .Net technologies to develop reusable software components that can be integrated with other products using APIs
  • We utilize modular, sustainable MVC coding architecture that is fully capable of handling complex workflows
  • We can integrate third party libraries to deliver optimal app performance
  • We adhere to all the best practices of responsive design – content prioritization, scalable navigation, and more – to provide your app’s users with the best possible experience

Our expert software engineers, led by dedicated project managers, will make sure you have the new mobility solutions you need to meet your strategic business goals. We are more than mobility consultants: We are partners who invest time and energy learning your business inside and out, giving us the necessary background and perspective to develop and deliver customized, cutting-edge solutions for your mobility needs.

Call Evoke at +1 (937) 660-4925 (select Option 2 for Sales) or contact us via email (sales@evoketechnologies.com) to get started planning and implementing the mobility solutions your business needs today.


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