Application Development

Evoke Technologies application development and maintenance services power your business to perform effectively in today's competitive business environment. We offer custom application development services utilizing proven software tools and technologies. We are known for our high quality and cost effective software application development services. Our application development model provides your business with a competitive advantage. We partner with you to build software applications that are highly robust and agile. We have an experienced team of software developers creating custom software solutions for your complex IT requirements.

Our application development and maintenance services, which are created utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, give businesses an edge over their competitors. We offer a wide range of software development services and build IT products that are dynamic and functionally superior. Evoke Technologies has deep-domain expertise in offering software maintenance and product development services with an extensive focus on software product engineering. We adopt agile development practice that helps us to quickly execute projects and pass on the savings to our clients’. We design, implement and maintain software applications that help improve the performance and end-user experience.

Custom Software Development

Evoke Technologies has more than a decade of experience in creating and managing software applications for various clients. Our structured software application development model forms the backbone of our service offering, which in turn helps our clients to achieve their automation goals. The software applications we create are within the context of a Plan-Build-Manage model. Before we commence any project, we clearly understand the operating environment of our client and assist them to build world-class software applications based on their unique business requirements.

Application Development Process

We use mature methodologies and practices that allow us to create and deploy highly robust software applications, while passing on the cost advantage to our clients. We create a project plan, keeping in view current and future requirements of our clients, which helps them to gain a cost-advantage. We have more than a decade of experience in software development and this has helped us to gain confidence of our client’s and be their trusted partner in software development.

Agile – Scrum Methodology

We follow an end-to-end agile based software development approach that helps us to develop and deploy solutions quickly. We follow industry standard agile methodologies that allow us to constantly engage and collaborate with our clients, which reduces delivery cycles and mitigates risks. Adopting the Agile methodology allows complete flexibility to our clients’ to change the scope of the project depending on the changing business dynamics. Based on our exhaustive experience, we understand the challenges that businesses would face while working in the agile environment. We have successfully executed various software projects utilizing agile methodologies within a globally distributed environment.

Structured Approach

Before we initiate software development, we clearly define the application development goals and objectives, a clear roadmap is laid down, which helps us to stay focused on our targets. We follow a highly structured software development life cycle (SDLC) model. Having deep-domain expertise in software development helps us to offer superior service that gives you a strategic advantage.


Having an IT strategy or a plan is essential before building any software application or product. Before commencing software development process for your business, we analyze your business domain requirements from a software engineering and technology perspective. Due to the rapid advancements in technologies, it is important for businesses to keep their future needs in view before initiating software development. We analyze our clients’ operating environment and develop a technology road map that takes care of their current and future business needs.

Evoke Technologies has exhaustive experience in software process management and we undertake custom software development by utilizing a scalable architecture design to meet our clients' objectives. We also encompass software architecture and a performance measurement model that helps monitor the performance of the newly designed software application or product. Our software development plan has been created keeping in view rapidly changing business dynamics and technologies.


Evoke Technologies offers custom software design, development, integration and implementation services. We deliver scalable and flexible IT services that are aligned with our clients' business needs. While creating software applications, we ensure that these remain scalable to accommodate future enhancements or can be plugged into existing enterprise systems. Advances in information technology are very rapid and businesses are constantly under pressure to keep up with these advancements. Choosing Evoke Technologies as your IT partner to manage your information technology needs helps you to focus on your core business functions.

We understand that business requirements drive technology decisions. The performance of software products created by Evoke Technologies enhances operational efficiency and provides your business the agility to respond quickly to change. Our implementation of mature agile software development methodologies result in considerable operational savings.


Our software applications are developed with post-implementation objectives in context. We take care of complete software maintenance activities, while undertaking continuous software performance evaluations and changes based on our clients' requests. We offer active software maintenance and qualitative support, which allows businesses to make changes quickly to their software applications or quickly implement any future enhancements.

Evoke Technologies post-implementation services ensure smooth functioning of software applications, while allowing them to develop and deploy solutions for their emerging business needs. We adopt best software practices that enable us to provide world-class services to our clients.

To find out more about Evoke Technologies capabilities and approach to software application development, please speak to one of our sales representatives.

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