Big data is fundamentally changing the way enterprises operate in today’s data-driven world. With the evolution of technologies such as IoT devices, sensors and smart phones, the velocity of data is increasing rapidly. As the pace of business speeds up, enterprises are gradually tapping into big data to extract meaningful business insights in order to maximize revenues. However, without the lack of expertise and technical know-how, enterprises are struggling to capture and process big data in real-time.

Evoke offers a complete spectrum of big data and analytics solutions designed to help enterprises improve decision-making capabilities, increase business productivity and create significant business value. We have built a big data and analytics center of excellence (CoE) that comprises a team of technology experts, pioneers in the areas of big data and analytics. With our deep expertise and hands-on experience in designing and implementation big data solutions, we are enabling enterprises manage and analyze data to gain a competitive edge.

Our exhaustive experience in implementing big data and analytics solutions across industry domains helps enterprises effectively mine their data and make proactive business decisions. Further, by harnessing the power of big data and analytics, we enable enterprises to uncover trends in structured and unstructured data. Here is a quick overview of our big data and analytics solutions.

Bigdata Overview

Service Offerings


  • Technical Architecture
  • Establishing Big Data Foot Print
  • Assessments and Roadmaps

Development - Data Processing/Mining

  • Custom Data Processing (Using MapReduce, Spark)
  • Implement Data Warehouse and Mining (Using Hive)
  • Support and Maintenance


  • Pattern Analysis (Using Machine Learning)

Technology Stack

  • Hadoop spark
  • Hadoop Mapreduce
  • Hadoop flume
  • Hadoop hfds
  • Hadoop sqoop
  • Hadoop hive
  • Hadoop pig
  • Hadoop cloudera
  • Hadoop mapr
  • Hadoop hortonworks
  • Hadoop hbase
  • Hadoop cassandra
  • Hadoop mahout

Key Differentiators

With the massive growth in data, enterprises are finding it difficult to scale up their operations to decode voluminous data. Keeping this into consideration, Evoke has been investing extensively in research and development to innovate and provide the right big data and analytics solution to our clients. Here are some of our key differentiators:

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