Bonita BPM Solutions

Evoke offers comprehensive Business Process Management (BPM) services that enable enterprises to effectively manage and automate their business processes. We have been assisting global and multinational enterprises by creating workflows that enhance quality, reduce costs, and improve time-to-market. Our smart BPM solutions are designed to help enterprises create powerful business processes, while allowing provisions for extensive customization.

Service Offerings

Evoke offers comprehensive BPM solutions that standardize and accelerate the deployment of workflow-enabled solutions across enterprise.

BPM Business Analysis Business Analysis
BPM Process Discovery Process Discovery
BPM Process Design & Implementation Process Design & Implementation
BPM Business & Process Integration Business Process Integration
BPM Process Deployments Process Deployments
BPM Process Migration Process Migration
BPM Process Support and Maintenance Process Support and Maintenance
BPM Software Testing and QA Software Testing and QA

Technical Competency

Evoke follows a unique approach by blending traditional business models with emerging technology practices. We utilize avant-garde technologies to provide effective BPM solutions, thereby enabling global enterprises to meet their business objectives. We adopt industry standard BPM practices, powerful workflow tools to eliminate process inefficiencies, improve quality and accelerate time-to-market. Here's a high-level overview of our core technical competencies:

BPMN 2.0 Standards BPMN 2.0 Standards (Swimlanes, Gateways, Participants, Collaborative workflows, Integrated workflows)
Bonita Studio Bonita Studio for greater flexibility during custom application development and workflow management
Enterprise Integration Facilities Enterprise Integration Facilities (Web Services, Messaging and Spring Integration)
Bonita APIs Bonita APIs for creating highly customized and interoperable applications
Groovy Groovy (+) – A feature-rich and Java-friendly language for rapid application development
Custom Component Repository Custom Component Repository (repository of ready to use custom connectors)

Bonita Partnership

Evoke is a premier partner of Bonitasoft, the world’s fastest-growing BPM solutions provider. Being a strategic technology partner, we extensively leverage Bonita BPM to create powerful process-based applications. Bonita BPM enables us to create rich applications that work seamlessly on any mobile device, thereby allowing our clients to modify their workflows on the go. Further, we receive expert guidance from Bonitasoft’s technology consultants on developing superior BPM solutions using Bonita BPM.

Bonitasoft has enjoyed strong growth in open source downloads (more than 3 million), customer acquisition (more than 1000 in 60+ countries). Bonita BPM is a highly flexible and powerful BPM suite that enables us to model business processes using BPMN 2.0 graphical modeler. Further, it allows business users to effortlessly interact with workflow-based applications and perform process related updates.

Bonita Partners

Digital Transformation Using BPM

Evoke partnered with Bonita Soft—world’s leading open-source BPM and workflow platform—at the recent B2B Tech Meet Up in Austin, Texas.

The tech evangelists from both the sides talked about a myriad of ways through which Digital Transformation can expedite an organization’s workflows, increase agility, and deliver greater value to the customers.

Attendees at the event learned how to
  • Automate Complex Tasks
  • Reduce Operations Cost
  • Boost Employees’ Productivity

To gather more insights from the event, check out the video.

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Why Choose Evoke ?

We provide end-to-end Business Process Management (BPM) services, enabling global enterprises to simplify their business workflows and processes.

Bonita Partnership

Technology partnership with Bonitasoft enables us to be on top of all product updates.

Technical Expertise

Specialized skill sets and right technical expertise to deliver powerful BPM solutions.

Experienced Teams

Experienced software engineers to enable end-to-end Bonita BPM project implementations.

Innovation Labs

Extensive R&D enables our teams to create new connectors, frameworks for easy connectivity and customization.

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