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We are a Dayton, Ohio based IT Services Company providing end-to-end advanced analytics, data science, and AI solutions. By leveraging the power of data science and analytics, we enable enterprises to derive real-time business insights and reduce customer churn. Our experienced data scientists leverage large and complex data sets to predict future events. We enable enterprises to with data discovery, model development, and deployment to assist clients to uncover patterns in data and predict future trends.

Proof of value

Evoke provides leading-edge data science solutions to provide innovative insights, predict growth and revenue opportunities. Our multi-disciplined data scientists can help enterprises create analytic solutions that extract valuable insights, improve understanding of problems, and predict future outcomes.

We have built the right ecosystems and advanced analytics capabilities to help enterprises derive the accurate insights, improve business performance, mitigate risk and enhance growth. To find out how we can help your business with our data science solutions, schedule a free consulting session.

Evoke Content

Evoke Content combines advanced analytics and text mining capabilities from machine learning and artificial intelligence to turn information into actionable insights.

Evoke Predict+

Leverage Evoke Predict+ to improve profits, explore new opportunities, and revenue streams. We develop predictive models that can accomplish a variety of business intelligence tasks.

Evoke Interactions

Evoke Interactions help you solve and automate a number of business tasks across multiple functional areas. Deploy AI chatbots as virtual agents or assistants to replicate your best customer service agent.

Data Science Case Studies

Forecasting Case Study


Our client, one of the fortune 100 company wanted to improve their existing BI heuristic forecasting model by utilizing advanced statistical modeling technique. They were keen to forecast their sales for multiple customers, drive improvements in inventory management and decision-making process.

  • Multiple seasonality present in the data.
  • Uncovering impact of holidays, seasonal and weather factors.

We built a forward-looking model focused on weekly/monthly sales forecasting, the following modules were implemented:

  • EDA - Understand data to identify the right techniques to build forecasts.
  • Benchmarking - Create baseline accuracies that the models have to beat.
  • Modeling - Use different time series models.
  • Confidence - Use multiple metrics to understand the model's coverage of the data.
  • 95% accuracy in forecasting with a 10% variation from the predictive forecast number.
  • Ability to find the trend and pattern of sales.
  • Capability to plan for production and capacity.
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Customer Churn Case Study


A leading manufacturer wanted to understand customer churn and the drivers that contributed to their business. In addition, the client wanted to build machine learning algorithms to proactively reduce churn. The client wanted a machine learning solution to analyze multiple data sources, understand the impact, and to identify the key reasons behind the churn.

  • To define and measure the customer lifetime value during the active stage of a customer relationship.
  • Reduce customer churn rate by knowing the reasons of the customer leaving the company.
  • Designed a predictive and stable model based on the client’s internal data.
  • Leveraged historical data to model and understand transactions impact on churn.
  • Uncovered early warning signs of customer churn, enabling successful customer retention before they decided to leave the company.
  • Applied best practices in model selection and testing to build an effective churn model to analyze the monthly account portfolio.
  • Modeling: Used a different classification and regression models.
  • The solution helped the client identify their high-risk customers and proactively reach out to reduce churn.
  • Helped clients deploy timely retention campaigns.
  • Marketing teams are able to improve marketing strategies to retain customers.

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