Data Assurance

Data Consolidation Testing

Data is the most critical component of any enterprise. With the increasing number of assets, data centers are also growing rapidly —making it difficult for enterprises to manage them. Standardization and consolidation allows enterprises to improve efficiency and reduce the overall cost of running IT and business operations.

Evoke’s data consolidation testing services enable enterprises to re-engineer their critical infrastructure by devising a comprehensive strategy. Here’s an overview our Data Consolidation Testing services:

  • Data Operations and Maintenance Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Support Services
  • Custom-Fit Solutions
Cloud Testing
Cloud Testing Services

DB/BI Reports

Evoke offers DW/BI testing services helps enterprises to make insightful and intelligent decisions by enhancing the quality of the data. We utilize a data-centric testing approach to ensure that accuracy and validity of data are in the core system. We lay special emphasis on quality assurance, as it is the key to enable enterprises to succeed in today’s environment. Here’s an overview of our service offerings:

Data Warehouse / ETL testing : Testing team verifies that data moved from a source to the target and the transformation rules have been applied as expected.

Report (BI) Testing : Verification of drilling (drill down, drill through), sorting and export functions of the reports. Includes testing of different data sets (different regions, periods of time) and usability testing.

Load and Performance Testing : Validate the performance and scalability of the system under different loads, the possibility to store historical data for several years.

ETL Testing

Evoke's Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) testing services enable enterprises to identify and mitigate any data defects before data is processed for analytical reporting. With our proven expertise in ETL testing services, we bring predictability and scalability to our customers testing processes.

Our highly skilled quality assurance engineers assure our customer of the highest quality data in their systems, which helps them obtain high-quality reports and visualizations leading to improved decision-making. Here’s an overview our ETL testing services:

  • Data Validation and Mapping
  • Data Consistency and Correctness Validation
  • Data Completeness Checking
  • Data Transformation Validation
  • Data Cleanness Validation
Cloud Testing Services
Cloud Testing Services

Test Data Management

Evoke’s robust Test Data Management (TDM) solutions help enterprises by enhancing the data coverage during test cycles and improving testing effectiveness. By utilizing an effective TDM approach, customized tools and accelerators, we enable enterprises to reduce the time spent for creating test data thereby minimize the chance of errors.

Our quality assurance engineers help enterprises in acquiring, securing and facilitating test data to ensure speed and improve the quality of application delivery. With exhaustive experience in providing TDM solutions, we address the multidimensional challenges of global enterprise. Here’s an overview of our Test data management solutions:

  • Identifying Common Test Data Elements
  • Masking and Archiving Test Data
  • Prioritizing and Allocating Test Data
  • Establishing Business Rules
  • Developing Automation Suite
  • Generating Reports and Dashboards

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