Robotic Process Automation

Evoke Technologies RPA (robotic process automation) service offering helps customers embrace productivity revolution, which has the potential to dramatically improve customer experience by reducing errors, extending service hours, speeding up processing and enabling employees to focus on more customers centric issues, that genuinely require human intervention. RPA is designed to automate the processes that are rule-driven.

We primarily focus on leveraging RPA to drive value from less investment. This application of technology is used to seize and construe applications as a robot or a computer software to process transactions, generate responses, manipulate data with the other digital platforms.

Functional Testing
Functional Testing Srvices
  • Our RPA architects create configurations that automate time-consuming, manual, and repetitive tasks to improve delivery, productivity, and quality.
  • Evoke Technologies recommends RPA to automate business processes across multiple industries and business domains – banking, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, etc.
  • It is proven that; RPA workflow enables interactions to deliver return on investment of over 300% and reduce processing cost by 35-80%.

Evoke’s objective with Robotic Process Automation is to improve:

  • Accuracy in the first go, making right decision for the desired results.
  • Improve flexibility with an instant ramp up/down and address spikes and troughs in demand.
  • Promote consistency by reducing output variation.
  • Provide a fully maintained audit trail for compliance.
  • Prove to be reliable by being available round the clock.
  • Increase staff retention by focusing towards more stimulating tasks.
  • Accelerate productivity by delegating value-added tasks to resources and reducing manual work.
  • Eliminating negative business case impact by allowing right shoring with geographical independence.

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