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Evoke’s test consulting services enable global enterprises to make the transition to emerging technologies in a faster, seamless, and efficient way.

Evoke’s quality engineering services enable global enterprises to achieve a higher level of test maturity in an accelerated way. With our dedicated and standardized approach to quality engineering, we eliminate risks, improve productivity resulting in improved efficiency and tangible cost savings. We have proven capabilities in IoT, DevOps, and Cloud Testing, which helps our customers to keep in sync with cutting-edge technologies.

We provide innovative and robust quality engineering services that improve quality and agility in line with customers business demands. Using our proven testing frameworks, methodologies, and accelerators we increase test efficiency, decrease cycle-times and reduce the risks inherent in digital transformation projects.

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DevOps Quality Assurance

Evoke’s DevOps QA Services allow enterprise to adopt automation and eliminate the redundancy of manual tasks. With extensive experience in DevOps testing and adopting mature QA practices, we enable enterprises improve test environment availability and reduce deployment time significantly.

Our integrated DevOps Quality Approach improves collaboration with the development and operations teams, accelerating time-to-market and improving customer experience. Evoke’s comprehensive DevOps testing framework, which helps us drive quality assurance and testing by enhancing communication and collaboration between QA and Operations team.

Cloud Ops Assurance

Evoke provides highly robust and scalable testing services that address the demands of cloud testing. By combining our expertise in cloud enablement and software testing, we have created a unique blend of cloud testing frameworks that bring down costs and effort of managing cloud testing environments. Further, our deep understanding of core cloud testing tools and technologies helps us to address key test process challenges in the cloud environment.

We deploy best-in-class cloud testing tools, frameworks and IPs that help enterprises boost efficiency and reduce costs associated with cloud testing. Our cloud-based test environment can be quickly set up and scaled on as-needed basis offering on-demand flexibility. This enables faster testing of services and eliminates the traditional test environment bottlenecks. Additionally, with our unique cloud-based testing approach, we have been successful in reducing dependency on hardware or location, which helps enterprises to shrink costs and accelerate time-to-market.

We help our clients assess cloud performance and utilization and unlock new opportunities to build new models for better customer experiences.

Test Advisory Services

Evoke’s test advisory services enable enterprises to embark on their digital transformation journey. Evoke’s test advisory services help enterprises meet the emerging challenges of new technologies such as IoT, Agile and DevOps Testing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Predictive analytics. By implementing best in class testing tools, IPs, and accelerators across the testing lifecycle, we provide immense value to our customers testing engagements.

Our quality assurance services are designed to help enterprises make their transition to emerging technologies faster, seamless, and efficient. We work with enterprises to help them accelerate their testing activities, improve agility and deliver great business value.

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