SQL Server Bonita BPM

Configuring SQL Server with Bonita BPM using JTDS

The Bonita Engine utilizes an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) to store information relating to the deployed process definitions, process configurations, history of process execution, users, etc. The installation comes with the H2 database as a default configuration. However, in the production environment, Bonita developers may need to use a robust database such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. Additionally, Bonita makes use of

BPM Consulting Services

Modernizing With SharePoint: Choosing the Right BPM Consulting Partnership

Trust the deep-domain expertise of Evoke to help implement SharePoint for you. Having the right partnership makes all the difference. When it comes to improving workflow designs and business process management across the enterprise, Evoke stands out for more than a few reasons. To start, Evoke solves business process problems. We don’t just settle for doing what’s asked and providing a simple fix. This,


An Innovative Approach to SharePoint Implementation: Evoke Technologies’ Flexible Business Process Management

Stay cutting-edge in a rapidly competitive market. To implement SharePoint effectively, you need a flexible business process management partnership from Evoke. With SharePoint, Microsoft has produced the standard in managing business processes and communications. A lackluster or imprecise implementation of SharePoint as a result of a poor partnership can negatively affect your IT goals of smooth, rich communication, file-sharing, and centralization. The trends in

Top 5 BPM Implementation Mistakes to Avoid

In the present era of information technology and software automation, Business Process Management (BPM) has become a new buzzword. Several leading software industry analysts, who actively recommend business process automation solutions, are quick to point out to the huge opportunity BPM presents. As can be seen, there are immense benefits of BPM implementation, some of the top benefits include extensive cost savings, reduction of manual effort. And

Workflow Testing Approach

How to Perform Workflow Testing for BPM Applications

Businesses worldwide are automating their processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The primary objective behind Business Process Automation (BPA) is to generalize processes in order to improve process efficiency and streamline workflow. BPA plays a key role in improving process efficiency by allowing organizations to improve their service levels by integrating various services and connectors. BPA is now an increasingly popular concept as

BPM Consulting Services

A Beginner's Guide to Business Process Management (BPM)

Business Process Management (BPM) has evolved to the next level, it has now become an integral part of the software development process. Can a software company sustain without making BPM a part of their project management practice? Will it help clients’ to easily understand the process intricacies and help improve process effectiveness? Will BPM play a vital role in a success or failure of