Hybrid App Development

Factors to Consider for Hybrid App Development

Many enterprises are often disillusioned with the process of creating standalone mobile applications i.e. creating mobile apps across the three main platforms, Android, iOS and Windows. The process of creating mobile apps individually for each platform can be challenging in terms of design, development and maintenance. As a result, many enterprises are looking to create hybrid apps, where they can use a single codebase and run it across multiple platforms. For hybrid app development, JavaScript,

Mobile first app development

6 Ways Mobile Insurance Apps Benefit Insurance Providers

In the past few decades, the advancements in mobile technology has changed the way insurance providers operate. Owing to the convenience and portability offered by mobile apps of insurance service providers, they have gained popularity. From mobile insurance apps that allow consumers claim damages instantly to enterprise productivity apps that keep insurance agents connected to their offices round the clock. Mobile insurance apps are playing an important