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Evoke Workspace Search

EWS is a new generation, AI enabled optimized

and consolidated open search tool.

What is EWS (Evoke Workspace Search) and its capabilities?

EWS is a new generation, AI enabled optimized and consolidated open search tool. It offers a common search platform integrated with heterogeneous data sources.

It’s AI enabled cognitive algorithm helps the end user to search organization data from different sources like on cloud or on-premises sources effectively and accurately.

Why choose Evoke Workspace Search?

Leveraging the capabilities of deep machine learning semantic data models, EWS can search structured or unstructured data effectively with the help of AI enabled search engines.

It offers cognitive capabilities in the virtue of vision, speech, language, knowledge, and search areas. For instance, it offers customizable capabilities such as key phrase extraction, language detection, optical character recognition (OCR), image analysis, translation, role-based access control and many more.

It connects with various data sources including, on-premises, and at multi-cloud platforms. The simple user interface enables the administrator to configure different data sources instantly.

Supported data sources

EWS supports data connectors from multiple cloud platforms.

Custom Connectors

EWS also supports custom connectors to establish an integration between on-premises data sources with the cloud search engines. This integration helps the cognitive search engine to bring on-premises data under its umbrella. Custom connectors can connect on-premises or on cloud data sources.

Search Experience

EWS offers a simple but powerful search interface to search content from heterogeneous platforms. It takes care and enables the administrator to securely configure different data sources without connecting to the cloud portals.

It provides flexibility to categorize searched data based on the user preferences. User has the ability to search data from a single source to make it more precise.

EWS supports Azure AD with MFA to authenticate its users securely.