Java Consulting Java Consulting

Take advantage of our decade’s experience in offering robust, secure and scalable Java application development services.

Microsoft Consulting Microsoft Consulting

We specialize in developing integrated business solutions utilizing Microsoft technologies and frameworks.

QA and Testing QA and Testing

Accelerate and improve software application performance across your enterprise with our QA and testing services.

Mobility Solutions Mobility Solutions

Improve the outreach of your business drastically and gain new customers by employing our mobility solutions.

Oracle Consulting Oracle Consulting

Optimize the speed and agility of your Oracle products with our end-to-end Oracle consulting services.

Big data & Analytics Big data & Analytics

Organizations can analyze large volumes of data at lightning speed with our advanced Big Data and Analytics solutions.

BPM Consulting Services BPM Consulting Services

Simplify your business processes with our end-to-end Business Process Management (BPM) consulting services.

Open Source Services Open Source Services

We provide development, consulting and implementation services for a wide range of open source solutions and products.

Software Development and IT Services

Client-centric and relationship-based company with a focus to provide cost effective software development and support solutions. Offering customer focused solutions for everyday business challenges.

Why Choose Evoke?

We stand apart from other IT services companies by focusing more on quality and timely delivery. Our focus has always been on prompt delivery, deployment of services and solutions to match up with the speed of business. We have a customer-centric work culture where our clients are our first priority. Following a customer centric approach enables us to distinguish ourselves from competitors who don’t offer the same experience. Our experts work proactively with our clients so as to offer them the best possible solution for any project.

Vision, Mission and Values

At Evoke, our vision, mission and values are focused around our customer-centric approach. We place our clients at the heart of our activities. Amongst other things, we adhere to high quality standards, encourage creative thinking and maintain consistency. Our endeavor is to provide exceptional service to our clients and to always exceed their expectations.

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The Evoke Edge

We understand the unique needs of our clients and work closely with them to provide leading-edge software solutions. Our proven engagement and delivery models help us to maintain consistent quality, on time delivery and development costs under control. Our proactive approach enables us to surpass the expectations of our clients and deliver true business value.

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