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Elevate Your Business with Our Salesforce Services

As a proud Salesforce partner, we help global brands revamp their marketing,
sales, and customer service through our Salesforce services.

Certified SalesForce Consultants
Certifications in Sales, Service, Marketing, CPQ, Experience clouds
Industries Served
Man-hours of experience in SF implementation
Verticals Served

With our Salesforce services, businesses can effectively address gaps between their customer expectations and actual experiences. Through well chalked-out and customized services, we help businesses strengthen their customer acquisition, retention, and overall experience.

We hold experience in analyzing business needs and implementing the right Salesforce services. Our Salesforce services include Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Wave Analytics Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Revenue Cloud.

Industries We Serve

Services Offerings

Our In-Depth Expertise And Comprehensive Set Of Salesforce Solutions
Can Help Transform Your Customer And Employee Experiences. You Can Rely On Our
Comprehensive Services To Address Your Most Pressing Customer Experience Issues.

Implementation Services

Evoke’s Salesforce consultants can assist with the initial setup and configuration of Salesforce to meet your organization’s specific needs. This includes defining requirements, customizing Salesforce to match your business processes, importing data, and ensuring a smooth transition to the new system.

Custom Development

Sometimes, out-of-the-box Salesforce functionality may not fully meet your requirements. In such cases, Evoke’s consultants can develop custom solutions using Salesforce’s powerful development tools, such as Apex (the platform’s proprietary programming language) and LWC components (for creating custom user interfaces).

Integration Services

Businesses use multiple systems to manage various aspects of their operations. Evoke consultants can integrate Salesforce with other applications, such as SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, marketing automation platforms, or customer service tools like serviceNow, to create a unified view of customer data and streamline business processes.

Migration Services

If you’re migrating from a legacy CRM system or upgrading from an older version of Salesforce, Evoke’s consultants can help plan and execute the migration process, ensuring that data is transferred accurately and without disruption to your business operations. We use our own home grown reusable components to migrate the configuration’s, customizations and data in no time.

Training and Adoption

Successful Salesforce implementation requires buy-in and adoption from your users. Evoke’s consultants can provide training tailored to different user roles within your organization, ensuring that everyone understands how to use Salesforce effectively to improve productivity and drive business results. We also provide transition/change management services, our experienced transition managers can work with your internal teams to increase the user adoption.

Health Checks and Optimization

Even after Salesforce has been implemented, there’s always room for improvement. Evoke’s consultants can conduct regular health checks to assess the performance and effectiveness of your Salesforce instance, identify areas for optimization, and implement best practices to ensure that you’re getting the most value out of your investment. We use automations to run the scripts and review the application performance after upgrades, new releases, new functionalities built.

Strategic Guidance

Evoke’s salesforce consultants can provide strategic advice on how to align your Salesforce implementation with your overall business objectives, identify opportunities for growth and innovation, and help you stay ahead of changing market trends and technology advancements. Our advisory consultants have vast experience and domain knowledge in multiple industries.

Support and Maintenance

Once your Salesforce instance is up and running, Evoke’s consultants can provide ongoing support and maintenance to address any issues that arise, perform regular updates and enhancements, and ensure that your Salesforce environment remains secure and compliant with industry regulations. We have multiple options to provide this support. We have both T&M and also packaged hours which can be used any time in certain period of time.

Salesforce Clouds We Implement

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Account Engagement
  • CPQ Cloud
  • Analytics Cloud
  • B2B Commerce Cloud
  • Manufacturing Cloud

Our Salesforce Focus in 2024

  • Data Cloud
  • Industry Cloud

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