Empowering BFSI companies to adapt to the challenges of the emergent landscape,
reinvent workflows, and digitization

Today, Banks and Financial institutions face myriad challenges. First they are faced with tighter regulations, increased expectations from customers and stakeholders. Add to it the pressure of digitization where financial institutions and banks have to constantly upgrade their IT systems and offer customized solutions based on data-driven insights. Finally, these organizations have to meet heightened compliance needs, safeguard against cyber threats and be cost-efficient.

Evoke has a rich experience of enabling BFSI organizations with a host of services. Our 2 decades of diverse experience enables us to handle all technology challenges and offer customized solutions to business of all sizes. Our BFSI solutions focus on fast-tracking operational competencies, lowering risks, providing high-quality services, and meeting client expectations. Our solutions have helped lower security risks, enhancing business agility, and maximize ROI.

Our BFSI Offerings

Our solutions span the following areas:

  • Digitization solutions using transformative technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, and IoT
  • Complete e2e software development, enhancement, and maintenance
  • Automation and Hyperautomation
  • Cybersecurity and compliance
  • ERP, CRM and e-commerce platform development
  • Comprehensive Data Solutions (Data Analytics and Data Engineering)
  • Technology Integration
  • Cloud enablement solutions (including Hybrid Cloud)
  • Quality Engineering

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