Manage your Projects Seamlessly
with PPM Lite

A versatile suite that can enable you to be a lot more productive

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Why Choose PPM Lite?

  • Embodies the techniques, tools, and strategies underpinning project management.
  • Enables seamless tracking of project progress from inception to completion
  • Offers a suite of versatile features essential for effective project management. Integration with Microsoft Teams allows tracking of record creation and modifications.
  • User-friendly interface and predefined templates make it suitable for a range of industries.
  • PPM Lite extends add-on features available through licensing in ServiceNow
  • Real-time project status updates
  • Organizations already utilizing ServiceNow’s Licensed IT service management can seamlessly adopt PPM Lite without incurring extra costs

ServiceNow PPM

PPM Lite & SPM Lifecycle

ServiceNow PPM Lite

Applications within PPM Lite


Demand Management

The Demand Management application collects, organizes, and evaluates strategic and operational demands, offering a centralized hub for managing demand-related data.


Project Management

The Project Management application encompasses tools for project, task, and resource management. It accommodates projects of varying complexity, from small to intricate multi-phased projects.


Resource Management

The ServiceNow Resource Management application aids managers in crafting plans, submitting resource requests, allocating resources, and evaluating resource availability and utilization.

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