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Cloud Infrastructure Services

Enhance the Efficiency and Reliability of Your IT Infrastructure

We empower our customers with cloud Infrastructure
services, which significantly improve business
performance, agility, and resilience.

Enhance the Efficiency and Reliability of Your IT Infrastructure

Evoke’s multi-cloud capabilities enable organizations to setup, support, and maintain cloud infrastructure efficiently.

Our end-to-end cloud services stack covers everything from assessment and design to deployment and monitoring that help your business become more competitive.
As a CSP partner, we provide value-added services to enable cost-effective infrastructure and greater deals in cloud licensing.

Service Offerings

Managed Services

We manage the complexities of your workload and infrastructure through our affordable and scalable cloud solutions. We implement cloud solutions in accordance with your requirements and cost constraints.

Data Services

We address data management issues and provide solutions to help businesses create a secure and resilient cloud data environment.


Our hybrid infrastructure approach offers a secure cloud implementation that allows businesses to keep their on-premises servers while also utilizing public cloud options.


We ensure the safety and security of your company’s critical data. Our cloud storage offers cost-effective and scalable storage services that can be scaled up and down as requirement change.


We provide the appropriate cloud networking solutions to meet an organization’s network capabilities.From network management to monitoring, we assist businesses in establishing a secure cloud network.


We make your business more resilient and secure through our multilayered security approach. Our deep expertise help businesses protect their cloud data from external threats and vulnerabilities.

Clouds We Support

Clouds We Support

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