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Cloud Security & Resilience

Providing a Secure and Resilient Cloud Environment

The growing adoption of cloud computing is hampered
by security concerns, which can expose
businesses to critical vulnerabilities.

Our CSaaS capabilities make businesses more resilient, compliant, and responsive. We follow a multi-layered security approach and suggest the security required at each level.

Our multi-skilled team leverages the best practices and proven processes from past implementations to enable cloud resiliency. Our comprehensive approach to addressing threats begins with identifying security risks and requirements, followed by a roadmap to implement the best possible solutions.

Our Approach


  • Assess security risks for current and future business states
  • Identify security requirements and cost-benefits for them
  • Round-the-clock support for any P1 issues
  • Create a roadmap for implementing the requirements
  • Develop governance for those controls


  • Data
  • User
  • Applications
  • Endpoints


  • Visibility
  • Detection
  • Investigation
  • Response


  • Unify security information without costly integration
  • Search for threats
  • Orchestrate actions
  • Automate responses


  • Continuous supervision
  • Assessing Server security
  • Application security
  • Platform security

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