Log4j Vulnerability: Steps to devise an effective mitigation response

You may be aware of the Log4j vulnerability and the significant risk associated with it. What’s even more challenging is coming up with an adequate response. Log4j is widely used since logging is a basic feature of many software. The Log4j vulnerability is highly severe and widespread affecting business applications, embedded devices, and their subsystems. Log4j vulnerability has put many IT enterprises at risk since the attack barrier


Codeless Automation Testing with WORKSOFT Certify: Part 1

“WORKSOFT” is a platform that engages a business expert in a collaborative methodology, as mentioned in the below simple process “Certify” is an integrated test repository and automated test execution solution which supports the business process testing methodology. A combination of business process testing methodology and Certify allows to run the entire product life cycle parallelly and capture it in an organized, measurable, and

How to Automate OBIEE Catalog Extraction Process

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications provide a set of pre-defined reports, helping organizations to analyze the past & present organizational performance trends, and take corrective actions. In this blog, we are going to understand how to automate the OBIEE Catalog extraction to a Microsoft excel spreadsheet by maintaining the integrity of the system. This will help us to identify the number of folders, subfolders, dashboards

Importance of Stakeholders Analysis in Design Thinking

Stakeholder analysis is the first milestone in the process of the UX lifecycle for any product or service. As said that Experience design is not only the responsibility of the UX designer, but it is the teamwork. Stakeholder is also the important key player to achieve the UX goals. The information provided by him/her as very important to inline the direction of the ux

How to Set up Email-to-Case Integration in Bonita

Introduction Bonita is an open-source platform for automating business processes. Bonita Studio (IDE) contains all the elements needed to develop the processes. It is a graphical environment for creating processes, applications, data models, and user’s views (pages and forms). The Bonita IDE is built on top of the well-known development environment eclipse. This blog explains how a Bonita case can be created upon receiving

Digital Accessibility: Business and Social Innovation

Accessibility is not a feature, is a social trend.” ― Antonio Santos Many people struggle to interact with digital interfaces due to their inability to adapt to something new. When put in simple words, accessibility is an ability to access regardless of any situation or condition. It is the process of designing any product/service considering people with all major disabilities. Accessibility addresses equality as

Voice UX: The Driving Force of your Future Business

Our lifestyle is poised to change with the outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19. Everyone around us is trying to find new ways to adjust to the new normal. Professional life has also started reshaping. Offices have moved to smaller rooms from the big buildings. Work from home is trending and people are collaborating virtually. Now amid the changing times, imagine yourself entering an

How to Deploy Machine Learning Models Using Streamlit

Data science is one of the key trending industry topics at present. Organizations are using data insights to make data-driven decisions for their business operations. Creating data science models is an important step in a Data Scientist’s workflow. There are a few popular frameworks for deploying these models, such as Django and Flask. However, to make the ML model available as a web application,

YOLO Modeling for “Checkboxes” Detection/Classification

One of the most prominent technologies developed in the last decade has been information extraction. Enterprises are automating various problems using information extraction techniques. Today, businesses are using different solutions for object detection and classification to extract information using Deep learning models or frameworks. Detecting objects in the image/Video is a complex task for computers, unlike humans. Object detection is the identification of a

5 Critical Business Processes to Automate Today

According to McKinsey, 31% of organizations have fully automated at least one operation. Embracing business processes automation brings a heap of benefits to enterprises. In fact, businesses on the fast track to digitalization are breaking ground with RPA. Complex business processes demand automation for time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks. And having fewer cumbersome tasks improves both employees’ and the company’s productivity. So how do automation services deal