The efficiency and transformative possibilities of today’s breakthrough technologies are tremendously exciting. For businesses, staying on top of the trends has become critical and a necessity. Business challenges and the subsequent innovations influenced by Covid-19 were quite evident in 2021 and many enterprises have embraced a digital-first approach. Technologies like augmented reality, automation, contactless services, and virtual reality have garnered a lot of traction in 2021, transforming many businesses. For instance, virtual training has increased the VR industry market by $12.6B.

So, what digital technologies are making a buzz in 2022? Well, for strategic transformation, businesses can leverage scalable and resilient technology platforms such as Pegasystems, mobile applications, Cloud and RPA. Gartner predicts that cloud will provide service for more than 95% of new digital projects by 2025 which was below 40% in 2021. Let’s find out which technology trends lie ahead in 2022!

Pegasystems: Hyperautomation & Low-code development

Mobile Apps: Voice-assisted & VR technology

RPA: AI & ML Integration into automation

Cloud: Industry-specific clouds & digitization

Next in trend: Pegasystems platform for enterprises

Pegasystems is a well-known Business Process Management (BPM) & Robotic Process Automation platform that is utilized in a variety of industries, including banking, healthcare, business enterprises, etc. Here are two technology predictions that would help fuel growth for enterprises.

Hyperautomation: the backbone of automation tools

Hyperautomation is an approach that organizations can use to automate many business and IT processes as possible. It aims to streamline business processes using technologies such as RPA, AI, ML, etc. Hyperautomation is considered one of the top 10 key technological trends by Gartner. It minimizes the automation cost and provides a smart work environment, increasing employee satisfaction and engagement.

Low-code approach: what enterprises can expect

Another big Pega prediction is the Low-code approach. It aids to create versatile applications through the process of using little or no coding. Even though it has only been available for quite a while, it has emerged as a swift approach to developing top-notch business apps. Low-code approach offers a fluid business with a faster market delivery and a reduced cost. Gartner predicts that low-code will account for more than 65% of application development efforts by 2024.

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Next in trend: Mobile apps for good business conversion rate

Since the beginning of 2020, not only our lifestyle has changed but also the trends in mobile app development. With stiff competition in the mobile e-commerce market, the focus remains on technologies like chatbots and voice assistance to improve user interaction along with AI, AR, and VR development. However, these technologies have been in development for a few years now, but they need to be smoother and faster. Gartner predicts that the mobile app market is expected to generate $693 billion in revenue by the year 2022. 

Voice-assisted apps: hello to more intuitive customer experiences

Voice assistance makes use of artificial intelligence along with voice recognition to give accurate and quick results to the user. Voice assistance is aligning with the needs of many business sectors. It is getting more accepted in many enterprises, especially to avoid any physical touch and changing user demands. For instance, Google has taken steps to make Assistant more widely available by exposing the software development kit through Actions, which allows developers to integrate speech into their AI-enabled products. According to eMarketer, by 2023, approximately 92.3% of smartphone users will prefer voice assistants.

Augmented Reality: make way for immersive engagements

AR is an intriguing technology that has the potential to improve real-world experiences by incorporating digital elements. AR assists enterprises and businesses in elevating their user experience, and it is getting widely popular in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and many more. Its ability to provide personalized experience along with real-time information to more users is fast becoming a game-changing technology. For instance, Statista expects the global market for augmented reality and virtual reality technology to grow from $27 billion in 2018 to almost $209 billion in 2022!

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Next in trend: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a game-changer for enterprises

For a variety of reasons, many companies are becoming interested in automation. RPA uses software robots to mimic human behavior to automate mundane tasks. As business processes are becoming more complex, there is a need for time-consuming and high-volume work to be automated. RPA has proven itself to be a breakthrough for various industries as it reduces the overall cost, increases accuracy, and improves efficiency.

AI & ML Integration: the catalyst for business transformation

Gartner predicts that 40% of infrastructure and operations teams will use AI-assisted automation by 2023, resulting in greater IT productivity and agility. Artificial intelligence (AI) aims to produce smart machines that can replicate the thinking capabilities and behavior of humans. AI uses ML algorithms to learn anything from past data. AI and machine learning (ML) offer extensive use in enterprises, healthcare, finances, social media and pretty much everywhere. From security to corporate hiring, AI and ML are becoming the backbone of modern-day enterprises. 

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Next in trend: Cloud Computing to strategize your business goals

Cloud offers tremendous opportunities even for small enterprises to stand in the market among the big fishes. Enterprises can offer better customer service and organize their businesses more efficiently by shifting infrastructure, data storage, and applications to cloud. According to Gartner, end-user spending on public cloud services is going to hit $482 billion in 2022.

Cloud-based digital transformation: scale, optimize & outshine

The cloud is a critical facilitator of digital transformation as it provides the size and pace that organizations require to concentrate on transformation. In order to create value in 2022, businesses must continue to enhance their digitization initiatives. According to IDC, by 2024, 20% of businesses will use a combined telco/cloud provider sovereign cloud that works on local infrastructure.

Industry-specific clouds: a must have technology for the industries

Industry specific cloud responds to changing company needs while keeping integration and support costs to a minimum. Industry Cloud concentrates on processes and offers tools and business services tailored to a particular industry. Microsoft Cloud for financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, etc., are some of theindustry-specific cloud offerings. These specific cloud computing systems deliver unique consumer experiences, manage risk, and upgrade key systems with multi-layered security. According to Gartner, cloud will account for 14.1% of overall company IT investment by 2024.

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Final thoughts

“IDC defines the Future of Connectedness as enabling the timely movement of data across people, things, applications, and processes, to create seamless digital experiences.”

Technology offers a lot of possibilities in terms of changing the way any business functions. Evolving, adapting, and emphasizing on digitization platforms are the most essential factors needed for business transformations. Aligning your business with trending technologies like Pegasystems, Cloud Computing, RPA & Mobile Apps etc., will make it more profitable, adaptable, and responsive.

As the world of business is gearing up for new beginnings, expectations will be high to meet business objectives in 2022 and beyond. Evoke Technologies is ready to assist enterprise businesses with purpose-built technology implementations in their journey to business acceleration and transformation.

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