Enabling Pharmaceutical Companies to Streamline Processes,
Modernize Systems, and Improve Operational Efficiencies

Pharmaceutical companies are faced with complex set of challenges. These include supply chain disruptions, collection and analysis of huge volumes of data, data security, marketing efficiency, and supply chain challenges. The other set of challenges could be related to the regulatory environment, resource management, and quality control. Today, technologies can be deployed to handle these and the entire repertoire of challenges. Pharma companies can now realize benefits of digitization and modern technological advances in AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics, Automation and IoT to ensure realize higher levels of efficiency, and growth.

In over two decades, Evoke has served global pharmaceutical companies and helped them realize tremendous business value. Our solutions have been truly transformational.

Our Pharma Offerings

The solutions we offer for the Pharmaceutical sector spans the following:

  • Data solutions to help manage huge data flows
  • Application management services spanning development, maintenance, and upgradation
  • Digitization solutions using transformative technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, and IoT (Pharma IoT)
  • ERP, CRM, portals, customer-specific software applications
  • Mobility and convergence solutions
  • Inventory and customer management solutions
  • Cloud-based solutions (including Hybrid Cloud)
  • Quality Engineering solutions

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