UiPath & Python

Business Challenge

The client is a world leader in manufacturing the finest coatings solutions for many countries. They were finding the process of validating a high volume of IT purchase requisitions (PR) created by over 5,000 employees difficult. The manual PR verification process was not only error-prone but also attracted high maintenance cost of USD 5.8 million.

The Solution

  • Implemented an unattended BOT to continuously check the PRs from SAP and Ariba applications every 1 hour to avoid delays and alert inconsistencies.
  • Provisioned the BOT to determine all types of IT-related keywords in the PR description with assistance to read in many languages.
  • Enabled the BOT to validate purchase requests and notify any issues at the earliest.

The Benefit

  • Reduced unclassified expenses under the IT budget to zero.
  • Accelerate procurement cycle times.
  • Improved transparency and visibility of the PR process.
  • Saved 6.8 FTEs manual efforts.

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