Plug those Leaks: Stop Your Existing Members Sneaking Out the Back Door

It costs over $400 to acquire a new member for most credit unions. Decrease the probability of member churn with our Data Science services.

Evoke Technologies uses sophisticated tools to integrate, analyze your vast amounts of member data, and identify the perfect intersections of member need & business opportunity. Our Member Attrition Model is built specifically for the purpose of identifying the members most likely to leave a credit union and developing targeted strategies to retain them.

We provide a powerful competitive edge to credit unions by helping them improve branch operations, optimize sales opportunities, and deliver exceptional service experiences to members.

Suite of Services that’s Right for Your Credit Union’s Success

Gain powerful competitive edge with solutions that help achieve increased operational efficiencies with hyper-personalized marketing efforts.

Member Acquisition:

We deploy robust marketing tools & strategies to boost member engagement and tackle competition while they are engaged with your brand at a personal level.

  • Market Mix (Spend) Analysis & Optimization
  • Promotional Offer Optimization
  • Customer Journey Mapping using Deep Learning

Risks & Fraud Analysis:

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms, we help credit unions perform risk analysis in near real-time to reduce delinquencies, charge-offs, and improve repayment.

  • Acquisition Scorecards
  • Risk-based Segmentation induced Custom Offers
  • Fraud Detection
  • Propensity Models for Delinquencies

Personalized Member Service & Product Growth:

We combine advanced algorithms and tools to compartmentalize members by behaviors, patterns, and needs so you can offer the most relevant products and services.

  • Micro-segmentation of Clients
  • Digital Channel Conversion Analysis
  • Attribution Analysis (across digital & physical)
  • 360-degree Client View & Data Mining
  • Cross-sell/Upsell Recommendation Models

Member Relationship Management:

We unlock deep, data-driven knowledge of members to improve interactions with them, keep them engaged, and provide the right offers and opportunities using the right channel.

  • Customer Lifetime Value Prediction (CLTV) Analytics
  • Channel Optimization-based on Customer Preferences
  • Customer Feedback/Complaint Analytics

Seamless Operations Management

We empower credit unions with reliable data they need to identify problem areas, streamline operations, and take appropriate actions for better business results.

  • Call Center Analytics
  • Fuzzy Logic-based Frameworks
  • HR Analytics

Why Evoke Technologies for Credit Unions?

We help credit unions accelerate past the competition in developing and deepening member relationships and strengthening operational efficiencies leveraging advanced data analytics.

  • Boost cross/ upsell opportunities with targeted marketing campaigns
  • Cultivate loyalty and grow member relationships
  • Visualize key-metrics for quicker, better decision-making
  • Identify trends & prescribe solutions to keep existing members from leaving
  • Deliver quality, proactive service