Automation Assessment with Evoke Technologies

In the coming few decades, around 50% of the jobs will be substituted by automated labor.RPA implementation is critical in raising a company’s added value.In the face of competition, there is little room for errors, delays,or poor technology investments.

Why Undertake RPA Assessment?

Since RPA might not be the right fit for all processes, it is essential to determine which processes will be eligible for RPA implementation, avoiding cost & time failures.

Read the Evoke Technologies’ E-book on RPA tool assessment process and use cases to make a well thought out strategic decision to implement RPA or not.

Our RPA Assessment Advantage

  • Identifying & evaluating the best-suited processes for automation
  • Predetermining potential ROI, cost, and success rate of a full-scale implementation
  • Assess customizations in RPA deployment – tailored to business needs
  • Identify and project the manual effort reduction over a period of time
  • How much improvement in data accuracy is possible?
  • Assess processes for 10x faster execution

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