Hyderabad, India, Apr 01, 2014: Employees of Evoke Technologies participated enthusiastically in a special event conducted on the occasion of Ugadi at their office in Hyderabad. Employee engagement is a way of life at Evoke and activities like these help bond employees together. The event was conducted by the cultural team of Evoke Technologies.
Ugadi is a special festival for the people of Andhra Pradesh and is considered as a beginning for new-year for Telugu people. All employees were dressed in their traditional best and were excited to take part in the Ugadi celebrations. As the saying goes, there is no Ugadi without Ugadi Pachhadi, which is made with a unique mixture of six elements of taste, which symbolizes the fact that life is a mixture of different experiences and one should experience all aspects of life to know its importance.
It was really nice to see employees actively participate in the Ugadi celebrations and the office was pleasantly decked up with mango leaves and flowers. A cultural dress competition was also conducted by the cultural committee and the top best dress employees were given awards. Employees were very excited about the whole event and thoroughly enjoyed the festive atmosphere.