Hyderabad, India, July 17, 2014: Evoke Technologies with the help of Cyberabad Traffic Police has successfully rolled out TOFFEE (Total Offense Free Entity) program to its employees. TOFFEE is a traffic discipline and awareness initiative launched by the Cyberabad Traffic Police. Evoke Technologies currently has 300+ employees working at its premises located in Ascendas IT park, HITEC City, Cyberabad. The TOFFEE program had received a tremendous response, when it was initially rolled out to its employees in the month of May 2014, many of the employees exhibited keen interest to enroll in this innovative program. Evoke Technologies is among the leading IT companies, after Microsoft and Wipro to be part of this innovative program.
The CSR team went through a painstaking task of collecting, verifying, and submitting the vehicle documents etc., to the Cyberabad Traffic Police. The Cyberabad Police Commissionerate performed due diligence and verification of all the documents that were submitted by the Evoke Technologies CSR team. After the process was completed, the TOFFEE stickers were handed over to the Evoke Technologies representatives.
A small event was organized by the CSR team to hand over the TOFFEE sticker to Evoke Technologies employees, who had enrolled under this innovative scheme and had received their stickers. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Ramesh Madala, Founder and Managing Director, Evoke Technologies encouraged employees to follow traffic rules, he further stated “following traffic rules is the responsibility of each and every citizen, we must adhere to traffic rules and refrain from breaking even a single traffic rule. It is the duty of all the residents of Hyderabad to make the city traffic violation free. Mr. Ramesh later handed over to TOFFEE stickers to the employees, who appeared very jubilant and excited.
Under the TOFFEE program, a vehicle sticker is issued to employees of various organizations that opt for this program. The TOFFEE sticker is valid for a period of one year, having this sticker on your vehicle ensures that it is not stopped for routine document checking by the traffic police of both Cyberabad and Hyderabad limits for a period of one year (Till 31st Dec). To participate in this program, all that the employee needs to do is provide their vehicle documents including license, insurance etc., via their organization to the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate. The Cyberabad Police Commissionerate will scrutinize these documents and upon satisfaction issue TOFFEE vehicle stickers, both two and four wheelers owners can participate in this program.
This program was initially piloted by a few Microsoft employees in the year 2011, in its Hyderabad campus. The Cyberabad Police Commissionerate actively invites other organizations to enroll their employees in the TOFFEE program. The process of enrolling for the TOFFEE program is quite simple, all that the interested organizations have to do is approach the Cyberabad police and exhibit interest in implementing this program across their organization.