Evoke is a staunch believer of giving its workforce the freedom to engage themselves in sports-related activities from time to time, and running a marathon is one of them. We believe, it not only gives the employees a fresh lease to life but, also fuels up the organization with an entirely new feel of team spirit and camaraderie.
Studies have shown, running can help prevent diabetes, obesity, and host of other unpleasant health conditions which are a result of long-sitting hours, endless deadlines, and trying to keep up with the organizational expectations.
Although, running regularly can be taxing, but it can have profound benefits for mental health, too. Many seasoned marathoners believe, running helps the person strategize the immediate goal, know what the next step is, and learn the right tactics to deploy during the pressure periods.

Making it Across the Finish Line, Slowly but Steadily

Airtel’s Hyderabad Marathon is the second-largest running event in India.
It is considered to be one of the toughest marathon competitions because of its challenging course. All the elevations and flyover climb make it not just tougher, but also a game in which your body and mind should be in perfect sync. Because if either of the two deviates, it becomes difficult to manage.

My run category of half Marathon (21.1km) was from Necklace road to Gachibowli Stadium.
I decided to give my best shot and complete the run without injuries, as I have a few more plans for this year.
I’m thankful to my organization, Evoke Technologies for their constant support and encouragement, due to which I could manage my sports activities along with my work. I feel fortunate to be a part of such an organization which believes that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

Over time, it is great to see more and more employees welcome sports and fitness-related activities with open arms. Sports is a sure way to improve fitness and general health. And it’s no longer a secret that healthy, happy, and fit employees are an asset to a company.