Taking part in different form of sports not only benefits the individual, but also creates a positive spirit that can be taken back to the workplace. It has been well documented, how one’s physical and mental health can benefit from playing various sports, and its impact in improving confidence as well as creating a sense of belonging.

There’s in no doubt that participating in sporting events can provide the perfect opportunity to create a healthy environment in the workplace, keep employees engaged and foster co-operation between different teams.

So how can you harness those benefits and translate them to the workplace?

Hear it out from one of the participants of IRONMAN GOA 70.3 who even after unfortunately dropping out of the marathon due to injury and crash, got back up and participated in Hyderabad Triathlon 2019, only to complete it successfully against all odds.

Straight from Mr. M Rahul Reddy

The injury took place during the IRONMAN Goa 70.3 held on October 20th, 2019. This demanding Triathlon has a Swim, Bike & Run format. Upon successful completion of swim on the shores of Arabian Sea (Miramar Beach), I started to bike. But due bike’s sudden mechanical failure, I crashed at the 28th km. The incident made me drop out of the race unwillingly as I was injured and had no other means to complete the remaining 62kms.

I was shattered for not being able to cross the finish line but have not given up. So, I came back home and registered myself for the Hyderabad Triathlon 2019 held on November 10th, 2019 which had the same race distance as IRONMAN Goa.

GHAC’s Hyderabad Triathlon which had its humble beginning in the year 2011, has grown to be India’s biggest Triathlon in the Open Category. The Hyderabad’s racecourse, especially of the Bike and Run category are considered to be the most challenging part of the Triathlon due to steep ascent which add to the intensity of the race.

The reason I signed up for this race was that it had the same distance as IRONMAN Triathlon and completing it successfully gave me a sense of satisfaction & achievement.

A big thanks to Evoke Technologies for believing in my efforts and being there with me in this journey.

Running to succeed

Evoke believes that a runner and entrepreneur are similar in many ways as both must step out of their comfort zone to achieve something big. Like many sports, running a marathon requires a lot of commitment, discipline, training and a never give up spirit. Energy management is undoubtedly the key and being self-aware of your energy levels is essential during your training. These are the crucial qualities that could make employees the key drivers of any business to be self-aware and manage their energy.

Evoke regularly encourages employees to take up endurance sport like running regularly, to create a better work-life balance – something that most organizations today are striving for.