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Evoke Technologies Expands Operations to the ANZ Region

Hyderabad, India and Sydney, Australia | August 14, 2023

Evoke Technologies, a pioneering name in consulting and technology services, is delighted to unveil the establishment of its latest subsidiary, Evoke Technologies PTY LTD, dedicated to serving the vibrant ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) region. With its headquarters strategically situated in Sydney, Australia, this expansion stands as a pivotal step in Evoke’s global strategy to enhance service delivery to both its existing and prospective clients.

This strategic initiative is a direct response to the escalating demand for Evoke’s unrivaled services within the ANZ region. The momentum gained during the pandemic enabled Evoke to foster successful collaborations with esteemed universities in Australia and New Zealand. As this collaboration extended due to soaring customer demand, the foundation for Evoke Technologies PTY LTD was laid.

Reflecting on this strategic expansion, Ramesh Madala, CEO of Evoke Technologies, affirmed, “Our unwavering commitment to excellence over the past two decades has underscored a burgeoning demand for our services across diverse regions, including ANZ and Europe. I am steadfast in my belief that the Sydney hub will cater to a wide spectrum of customers in Australia and New Zealand, bestowing upon them the same competitive advantages that our North American clientele enjoy.”

Providing a broader perspective, Harry Rao, President of Evoke Technologies, highlighted the company’s plans for strategic growth with global expansion. He mentioned, “In line with our vision for expansion, the Sydney office will serve as a pivotal hub, initially focusing on Edutech, Automation, Cloud Enablement, Data Engineering, and AI/ML domains. As the ANZ region readies itself for a technology services revolution after the challenges posed by COVID, we are filled with enthusiasm regarding the role we will play in driving and shaping this evolutionary journey.”

Vishnu Srivatsavai has been selected to lead the new business unit focusing on ANZ operations. He expressed, “We’ve initiated partnerships with various potential collaborators and are deeply engaged in discussions with numerous enterprises from this vibrant region. The majority of these clients are interested in our solutions spanning technology domains such as application modernization, ERP, customer experience, and Low-Code No-Code platforms.” Adding to the strength of Vishnu’s team, Nish Veer joins with an extensive two-decade career in the ANZ technology landscape. His experience will play a pivotal role in guiding Evoke Technologies’ entry into the ANZ market.

Evoke Technologies PTY LTD is poised to fortify Evoke’s global footprint, enabling it to harness the burgeoning opportunities within the ANZ market. The subsidiary’s launch aligns seamlessly with Evoke’s enduring commitment to innovation and excellence, further solidifying its standing as a premier technology solutions provider on the international stage.

About Evoke Technologies

Evoke Technologies is a prominent consulting and technology services provider renowned for its cutting-edge solutions and unwavering commitment to customer success. With a legacy spanning over two decades, Evoke has consistently delivered transformative outcomes across diverse industries and geographies. The establishment of Evoke Technologies PTY LTD stands as a testament to the company’s unyielding pursuit of excellence and its resolute dedication to fostering innovation.

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