Data Science, Python, Prompt Engineering, Generative AI Models

The Business Challenge

Our client, a prominent technology provider in the USA, assists RV, Powersports, Marine, and Equipment manufacturers and dealers in finding, winning, and retaining customers. They sought innovative solutions to evaluate customer reviews effectively and better understand customer needs and preferences. The client needed GenAI analysis to understand overall feedback effectively.

The Solution

  • We developed a robust Sentiment Analysis solution utilizing GenAI prompt engineering to assist the client in extracting relevant information from user feedback data.
  • We leveraged and integrated the GenAI model into the client’s operations to analyze text data and conduct sentiment analysis effectively.

The Benefits

  • Evoke’s Sentiment Analysis solution led to effective data extraction from user review.
  • The Sentiment Analysis was customized to extract feedback specific to Brand, Product, OEM, and Dealer levels. It enabled the client to get detailed feedback insights into customer sentiment at each entity level.
  • The insightful review empowered the client to make informed strategic decisions to enhance customer satisfaction and marketplace performance.

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