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Data Science, Python, Lang Chain, Chroma DB, OpenAI API, JavaScript, Html, CSS

The Business Challenge

The client, based out of the US, is a leading provider of IT services. They sought to provide real-time, context-aware automated assistance to website visitors. The objective of Evoke was to mitigate customer frustration and improve the overall user experience of the client’s website.

The Solution

  • Our Bot Framework ensured easy access to information.
  • We leverage semantic modelling analysis, enabling our Website Bot to accurately comprehend and match user queries to the most relevant website information.
  • We incorporated a robust three-tier security protocol for advanced security measures.

The Benefits

  • Our Website Bot significantly improves visitors’ website journey experience with prompt and appropriate information.
  • Evoke’s Website Bot streamlines the user journey, significantly boosting retention and conversion rates.
  • It offers natural and helpful communication, resolving customer queries in real time.

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