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Python, Alteryx, Power BI

The Business Challenge

Our partnered client, located in the USA, offers Registered Agent UCC search, filing, compliance, and entity services. The client needed help with efficient data management and relevant customer data extraction. It affected their marketing effectiveness.

The Solution

Evoke enabled the client to enhance customer master data management with a three-fold approach solution, leading to effective marketing outcomes.

  • We developed an ML model that segmented customers based on Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value (RFM). The model using scores and ranks enabled the client to prioritize attention towards customers with low rankings, aiding in retention efforts.
  • We employed NLP techniques to discover the negative sentiments from the customers’ emails. It helped to develop suitable strategies for customer retention.
  • We automated the NPS survey data analysis using topic modelling and sentiment analysis of text data. We integrated it into a Power BI dashboard. It enabled quick insights into improvement opportunities and areas of concern, facilitating effective decision-making.

The Benefits

  • Improved customer retention: Proactively addressed customer needs and enhanced customer retention rates.
  • Better scalability and reusability: Evoke’s solutions encompassed scalability and reusability, enabling the client to adapt and scale up their capabilities
  • Personalized strategy and reporting: The partnered client developed tailored strategies based on accurately categorized customer data, accelerating customer engagement.

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