Data Science, Python, Generative AI Models, Web Scraping

The Business Challenge

Our client is a prominent technology provider. They specialize in assisting RV, Powersports, Marine, and Equipment manufacturers and dealers to find, win, and retain customers. The partnered client encountered hurdles in performing feature extraction efficiently from OEM websites.

The Solution

We leveraged our Gen AI expertise, implementing an automated solution to address the challenges.

  • It significantly reduced the time of feature extraction and streamlined data retrieval operation.
  • Employed prompt engineering for features and specifications data extraction.
  • Integrated a robust data retrieval library into the client’s system to simplify the process of data accessibility from OEM websites.

The Benefits

  • The automated feature extraction system improved the overall efficiency and productivity of the feature data extraction task.
  • The automated system is scalable and adaptable, effortlessly extracting new data without compromising efficiency.
  • The system’s real-time updates of features and specifications enable the client to make quick decisions regarding products.

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