Evoke Workspace Search (EWS), Azure Diagnostic and Security Tools, REST APIs, Lucene Query Syntax

The Business Challenge

With multiple acquisitions, the client faced significant challenges in managing fragmented data sources.

Key issues included handling product details, comparisons, supplementary products, organization visibility, and data distribution to various systems, applications, and users.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, the client implemented the Evoke Workspace Search (EWS), a unified, centralized search platform.

Key Features of EWS:

  • Configuration of Heterogeneous Data Sources: Various indexes, fields, and analyzers were set up to manage diverse data sources.
  • Automated Data Imports: Indexers automated data imports into the search index, ensuring information was up to date.
  • Advanced Querying Capabilities: The system supported simple keyword searches, full-text searches, faceted navigation, and advanced filters.
  • Lucene Query Syntax: Complex queries were enabled, providing filters to refine search results and facets for categorization.
  • REST APIs: APIs facilitated interaction between different systems and applications.
  • Azure Diagnostic and Security Tools: Azure tools were used to manage, monitor, and scale the search platform efficiently.

The Benefits

The implementation of Evoke Workspace Search brought several significant advantages:

  • Real-Time Product Details: Systems and applications gained real-time access to product details, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  • AI-Based Product Searches and Comparisons: Advanced AI search capabilities enabled unified product searches and comparison functionalities.
  • Improved Visualization: Users could easily view product images, sketches, and technical diagrams, aiding in better decision-making.
  • Eliminated Duplication and Mismatches: The centralized search platform prevented data duplication and product mismatches, ensuring data consistency.

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