Microsoft Purview, Azure Data Lake, Databricks, Atlas API, Azure DevOps

The Business Challenge

With hotels, partners, and franchises across the US and globally, ensuring compliance with data regulations like GDPR and CCPA was critical. The organization faced significant challenges in unifying data governance, managing disparate data sources, ETL processes, and over 2,000 reports, especially given the variety of file types and field-level restrictions on business insights. Key issues included compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and state-specific data privacy laws, data control problems due to disparate sources and asynchronous data, and a unified data strategy for discovery, utilization, and synchronization. Managing over 2,000 reports with field-level restrictions also complicated the data governance landscape.

The Solution

Evoke Technologies implemented Microsoft Purview to centralize data governance and ensure compliance. The outcomes were:

  • Centralized data governance with custom policies
  • Automated data scanning and classification
  • Data catalogues for self-serve BI, analytics, AI, and ML
  • Custom classifications and scan rules for diverse systems
  • Data consistency, stewardship, and quality monitoring
  • Automated scans across environments using Apache Atlas APIs
  • Data masking and column-level protection
  • Business glossary and metadata management using Open APIs

The Benefits

  • Compliance with data regulations across states and countries
  • Protection of sensitive and personal data
  • Simplified compliance adherence and notifications
  • Enhanced data visibility and cataloguing
  • Streamlined data policy implementation

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