Evoke Technologies is an information technology solutions company serving North American businesses for over a decade. We develop quality software that saves our clients money, In enhancing their systems and helps our client’s innovate and gain a viable competitive edge over the market.

We are appraised SEI-CMM Level 3 standard company which focuses on building long-term relationships, and in developing technical solutions that are tailored to meet our client’s business needs. Our differentiation comes from our ability to map our creative systems through our efficient execution models helps us in translating it into concrete business values for our clients. In our relationships, we stand by our core values that set us apart from our competitors. Transparency in our business practicesRead More...

Awards & Accreditation


    " Our offshore group has been a lifesaver in migrating our clients from legacy to PB NextGen. I' m not sure what we would do without them "
    - Bettina Riveros; Product Manager – PB NextGen

    " Compliance calendaring & E-filing were break through products. eMinutes & My Calendar are unique to the marketplace. They are trend setting solutions to disaster recovery & badly needed alert services "
    - Chris Quimby; Product Manager - RecordsCenter

    " It's amazing. When we started this offshore group, all the onshore group was concerned for their jobs. Just the other day, I had no less then four developers ask if the offshore group could help them with their projects. How times have changed! I'm so thrilled. We are working as a team not us or them! "
    - Jon Bergman; CIO & VP Information Technology