• Modernizing the application helped in enhancing software performance.
  • The data entered in the application saves faster.
  • Themed as division application (match DDS/SCRM).
  • The software code is now completely free from any exceptions and errors.

Business Requirement

  • Migration of IVM3 to IVM4 (DIS) to meet client’s marketing goals.
  • The Market Control Analytics tool had to be disintegrated and its features added to IVM4 (DIS).
  • Optimize performance of the newly created application.
  • Revisit the features list to deprecate unused features.
  • Technology upgrade to MVC 3, OOCSS and implementation of cache servers.
  • Addition of new and exciting features to improve the application performance.


Evoke Technologies deployed a team of eight software engineers to share effort with the on-site team. The project was critical, as the functionality along with the business logic of a ten-year-old application had to be understood, built, and implemented. An experienced on-site manager was deployed at client’s location to gather business requirements, coordinate with both on-site and offshore teams.

  • Evoke Technologies added value by implementing the best practices of
    ASP.NET and MVC.
  • Utilized crucible for swift code review process and unit
    testing. Identification of missing business logics was undertaken during the code review phase.
  • Identified and implemented NCache as an initial caching
    solution to improve performance of the application.
  • Merged two products (MCA and IVM) into one entity called as IVM4/DIS.
  • Enhancements to the product included customized dashboard, sticker designer, the integration of MCA, and inventory grid faceting.
  • Software engineers were trained to develop and validate peer code for coding standards and understanding business logic of our client’s legacy software


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